Join me on the Red Tent Summit

Rachael CrowMoon Lodge/Red Tent

Dear Sisters,

Women talk daily about where the world is going to…

Women are yearningto gather in supportive, empowering circles…

Women are at a lossabout where to begin…

I have answers for you!

And I’d like to share themas a sister in a circle of women experts,

gathered by my colleague DeAnna L’am

to inspire you to create and expand the Red Tent Momentum in the world!


Why Now?

How is the Red Tent changing the world?

How can You be part of it?

Join me on a Free Online Summit

to find out, and to be inspired!

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Better yet:

Forward this email to women who are,

(or will be) your Red Tent Sisters!

It will be a blast for you all to watch the summit together, and take action jointly!

I believe it is time, and I urge you to join me!

P.S. – Here is the link again –  Click HERE to reserve your spot!