I LOVE Yoni Oracle Cards!

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It’s not often I blog about a product that I don’t sell….but I have fallen in LOVE with Georgies Yoni Oracle Cards!!

I had connected wth Georgie on social media and she was kind enough to send me the images of her Cosmic Yoni card and the cervical healing meditation that went with it for me to share on my Hello Cervix website.
These beautiful cards have been birthed by Georgie and she’s collaborated with some amazing artists to create them. They are an invitation to embody the Wisdom of your Yoni; unlock the gifts of your Lunar Nature and the Magical Menstrual Cycle.

Georgie tells me -The Yoni Oracle Cards have been created to support women in embracing their cyclic nature, intuition and inner knowing. They are a powerful divine feminine tool for healing and connection, with each of the 45 images transmitting its own unique healing and divination to aide you along your path.
Through journeying with the four Tribes within the pack: Crones, Maidens, Mothers and Enchantresses discover hidden creativity, passion and purpose. Allow their guidance to empower, nourish and reconnect you with your inner compass and the natural rhythms of Mother Earth. The Yoni Oracle Cards can be used as an oracle, for daily reflection, for connecting with a particular tribal archetype, exploring your shadow, working with the moon’s cycles and so much more!

This healing oracle is for women of all ages, with or without a womb, with or without a menstrual cycle. I myself no longer bleed due to having cervical cancer and subsequently a hysterectomy in 2003 aged 29. This life changing event or initiation led me to delving deep within my womb consciousness, my sexual energy and my power to say No! This experience coupled with other traumas throughout my life led me to the creation of the Yoni Oracle Cards. I hold a deep passion that I want women to feel supported, encouraged and held during ‘dark nights of the soul or Yoni!’

My hope is that the cards inspire, provide insights, comfort and clarity.
*A detailed full colour guidebook and box with suggestions for ceremonies, sample spreads and inner journeying
*45 potent illustrations created by 9 Yoniful artists
The Yoni Oracle Cards are great for:
*Red Tents *Workshops *1-1 healing *Working in tune with the Moon *Personal development *Ceremonies *Meditation *Shadow Work *Oracle *Reflection *Sexual energy *Ritual

If you would like to know more, order a deck or follow me for updates my contacts are:
yonioraclecards.com fb @yonioraclecards Instagram @yonioracle

email loveembodied@gmail.com

Look forward to hearing from you!
Yoni Blessings,
Georgie xx