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Hello my beauties,
I wanted to send this on the full moon, as over the years I’ve become more and more interested in astrology and how being ‘forewarned is forearmed’… I’m definitely sensitive to the moon and stars so keeping an eye on what’s happening in the heavens supports me in life! So …we are now in Taurus and Scorpio, a time for consolidation on all levels, security is feeling important so things may come up around relationships and finances… it’s important to feel centred and grounded, so keep connecting to your pelvic bowl and our Earth Mother. We are in times of big change, lots of opposites coming up, so expect some glitches and bumps in the road, things may shake you up, but it’s all about balance, can you stay balanced despite the bumps? Some astrologers are saying this is the way things are going to be for a while…well into 2020…it’s all Jupiter/Saturn energy! So it’s vital we feel strong in our centres, and remember our security comes from our core and our connection to Source- whatever that is for you… (for some free meditations to support you connecting to your core, see Hello Cervix, and for a few more see my downloads at Moon Times.)

And just to remind you, if you’ve been considering joining the nine month Deepening Woman Journey, today is the last day to book on with Eartha and I and a group of women as we travel back over the map of womanhood together, we see our Soul Path was lighting us up right from birth! Starting with a birth ceremony we will walk through each threshold of the nine passages (image below), healing ourselves, calling back lost parts, connecting deeply to our inner wisdom… And then travelling forwards, seeing our future elderselves holding the future generations. Integrating the map of womanhood /life Spiral into our cells, we will be changed, empowered and hold within us many tools for healing, healing ourselves, our children, our Earth Mother? Join Eartha Love and I on this beautiful 9 month journey…Just £60 a month for 9 months…some concessionary places avalable. contact me for details.

I keep being asked how my healing is going, most of you probably know I’m treating my cervical cancer naturally, and it’s all fine, slowly shrinking, natural healing is slow (and yes, I can get a bit impatient with it all now and again!) and I’m also holding a curiosity around having an oestrogenic cancer while navigating perimenopause- and how many women seem to get hormonal cancers at this time in our lives. (follow my healing journey here)

I do want to mention one of my healing practices, that may help you too…womb and liver packing! Using castor oil packs on the liver and womb is incredibly relaxing, as well as being healing for all kinds of things such as cysts, tumours, fibroids, period pain… and because i’m doing them on a daily baisis, I’ve created an easy to use womb pack kits, now with organic castor oil, I’ve also got organic cotton packing cloths, if you don’t want a whole kit!

Well that’s it from me for this time, take it easy over the full moon,

Connect with me…..

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