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Change is in the air….
Yes, I’m changing, you’re changing, it’s all changing!
I’m changing how I work as well as how I write my newsletters as I go through the shifting sands of my moon pause journey!

For a while now I’ve struggled with being a high sensitive, a cyclic being and how to navigate the linear model we are taught in the business world!
So I’m changing once more and I hope you will enjoy this change. I’m still processing what this change will look like, but for now I’m just going with the flow and writing you a letter from my heart to yours.

I deeply want to be of service to you dear reader, so I am responding to the call to give more of myself, by offering 2 month dives into my online teachings. Love Your Period was the first of these and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed holding women as they’ve journeyed through the teachings with a Facebook online support circle. This will run again next Feb.
My moon pause offerings Broken Basket woman has just opened (closing on 1st Nov) so theres still time to join the group of wise women in there and also opening is the Deepening Woman that I offer just once a year with Eartha Love.
On these groups I am popping in with meditations, visualisation, Q&A sessions, card readings, energy tune ins….I’m flowing with my intuition and offering what the day brings and I’m loving reaching so many women, so why not join in?

I’m popping more and more blogs up- including some podcast links, more videos on my Vimeo channel, the last few have been conversations with the intuitive and down to earth Indra Singh of Silent Moon Imaginarium, (video below) and Kate Orson chatting about all things cervical! Smears, Lletz, cancer…and a video about moon rituals plus my musings on the worlds energy and how we need more and more to listen to our wombs and our Earth Mother.

Of course, my wish is to bring everyone in alignment with their soul path, which I believe becomes apparent the more we connect to our womb/pelvic bowl/ yoni/ cervix. My work has always held this at it’s heart, though my products and offerings. So, stick with me, check out my vids, journey into this time of change with positivity, hope and support.
Much love and my warmest,

Connect with me…..

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