October is Menopause Month – Mini newsletter

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Dear Autumn Women

By the comments, likes and shares on my social media I’m seeing a lot of my audience is ‘of an age’ and enjoying the discussions around the Moon Pause Threshold!

So I’m offering an invitation to join me on a 2 month dive (starting 28th Oct, New Moon) into this threshold with a Facebook Support Group as well as my Broken Basket Woman Teachings– I will be on the group starting us off with an opening ceremony, then doing check ins, prompts, offering Q&As , “energy” tune ins- a bit of astrology/moon updates, card readings etc.

The first month I’ll be on there regularly (except for my Moontime days!) and in the second month I’ll be less active allowing the group to hold itself more.

We will all work though the online teachings and support one another with whatever comes up.

So if you’re needing support with your transition – whether its hot flushes, anxiety, irregular bleeds, flooding, mood swings (with rage and grief…), feeling like the crazy woman in the house, needing time alone…wanting to run away, throw in the towel and crawl into a cave…this is the place for you!

I look forward to being part of the circle of women to hold you.


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