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Saare “My hormonal imbalance led me down a path of deep healing and within that healing, I had to share the tools and techniques to help me piece together my healing and activate my inner womb wisdom.

I invited the author of Menarche a Journey into Womanhood & Why Does Mummy Bleed?, feminine product creator, Red Tent host and Womb healer Rachael Crow to this episode of Reclaiming your True Identity Podcast to teach us how to track and honor our moon cycle, aka our periods. She also shares her inspiring journey with Cervical Cancer giving us light and encouragement through her story.

Rachael was kind to offer us a free printable to track our moon cycle within the Reclaiming your True Identity Facebook group so be sure to join our group to share your journey and to also get your free printable.

To get to know your womb and period more be sure to check out Rachael’s online courses where she goes more in-depth of the power of your womb and period.

Rachael Crow is a mother of 4, she lives with her 2 youngest in the Wilds of West Wales, UK. Here she has been on a 7-year pilgrimage journey alongside her ancestors, the crows and the land into perimenopause and healing cancer. She is a healer, intuitive and energy worker and has found peace, stillness, and power through listening to her body and womb, following her cycle, the ebb, and flow of moon and the stars…

She began her ‘menstrual journey’ when she started making cloth pads when she had her first child -almost 30 years ago! This led her to explore her cyclical nature and find healthy ways to ease her PMT and work on her relationship with her body.

She is the guardian of the Red Tent Under the Sacred Bluestones- a permanent Red Tent for women of the local community to use as a retreat space. She currently runs dark moon Red Tents, Red Tent retreat days, Full Moon gatherings, supports many Mother and Daughter groups and offers many other courses and online teachings.

Her passion lies in empowering young women through celebrating their first blood “Menarche” and believes the continuity of encouraging menstrual health in our young women leads to easier monthly flow and brings empowered women to their birth altar! She has written 2 books- Why Does Mummy Bleed?- gentle cycle awareness for young children and Menarche- A Journey into Womanhood, a mums and girls guide to celebrating her first period!

She is a dedicated women’s menstrual health advocate, businesswoman and workshop facilitator. Her aim is to empower women in body appreciation, environmental awareness, and self-respect through the use of eco menstrual products and connection to their wombs and our Earth Mother.
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