In Conversation with Kate and Rachael chat about all things cervical! Smears, Lletz, cancer…..

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I connected with Kate when her book was shared on a Facebook group.
Kate learnt about the cervix the hard way, when a common medical procedure called LLETZ, which removes abnormal cells from the cervix, caused her to lose her sexual function. Sex became painful. She lost her libido, and her ability to orgasm. She was too scared to go back to the doctor.
Twelve years later, still traumatised by what had happened, Kate found out that she was not alone. In an article, a woman named Asha wrote about experiencing the same problems, and also more intangible side effects to her creativity, her thinking, and her very perception of being a human being existing in a sensual world. Kates book “A Cut In The Brain” is a memoir about discovering the truth about what lies behind gynaecology; that there has never been any full anatomy done of the female sexual organs, and every gynaecological procedure is a literal ‘stab in the dark’. (links below)

I’ve been on a journey of connecting deeply to my cervix though my journey healing cervical cancer naturally, here we talk about our feelings about the cervix, smears and the importantce of listening to your body.

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