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Hello Dearests,
It’s been a busy month here at Moon Times HQ! Finally I’m feeling in the swing of school routines, finding my “me time” between work and school runs, next thing we know it will be half term!

Coming up to the dark moon I experienced a powerful download of info about the importance of our heart-womb connection, which i channelled as automatic writing, I’ve recorded this channelling for you and the powerful healing meditation.

Over the weekend I welcomed women into the Love Your Period Facebook group, and launched the course on Monday- co-inciding with day 1 of my cycle- oh how my womb loves to join in! The doors are open, join any time. I’m also happy to offer dicounts to under 25’s who may benefit from these teachings.

I’ve been re-jigging my webshop, separating out some of the products- so here you can find the goddess sets, here’s single patterned pads (including red and black ones), organic and incontinence are here…


and Diva Cups are on Sale!!

Plus my new Heart Womb meditation, this is a download of an intuitive channelling I received in meditation when I was sitting with the despair of whats happening on our planet right now, the climate issues, the politics, it can all feel too much, but as light workers we are sensing a change, the energy of the earth is speeding up as we head towards the 5th dimension. This channelling is a healing, a preparation for the changing, a soul-ution to the disharmony on the planet.

On My Blog

Who Holds the Woman Who Holds the Women? “I’ve had a tough week. Premenstrual, which in perimenopause means a ramping up of all the ‘manifestations’ – migraines, insomnia, hot flushes, night sweats, and dark, dark moods. My body is calling me to stop, to rest, to have peace and quiet, to go within. How do I let go of it all? Who can hold me so I can let go?”



Last chance to book on our Mother and Daughter days- Mid Girl and First blood, these are 2 workshops aimed at mothers with daughters 9-12, 12-16 respectively, 19th & 20th Oct, £30. Join Eartha and I with your girls for these celebration days at the Red Tent yurt. (Limited Places, book early!)
Mid Girl– Holding our Daughters as they step though this threshold is vital, their hormones are rising, their bodies changing, it can all feel overwhelming!
As mothers ourselves, we will guide you though a day of honouring your girls with drumming, singing, crafts and ritual. Mothers will have time to circle and hold their inner mid girls. We will gather as a ‘village’ and witness our girls stepping over the Threshold of Mid Girl.
First Blood- Join us as we explore and honour our daughters rite of passage. Learn about embracing our moontime, share stories and celebrate together! Collectively we will discover what has affected our attitudes towards our moontime and our bodies and we will remember and recreate our own menarche celebration. The day will include a menarche bundle ceremony and holding the sacredness of becoming a woman and a woman unique cyclic nature.

Book by Nov 11th, First Blood Catch up ceremony in Bristol with myself and Melanie Swan, November 24th, 10 am – 4:30 pm at the Bristol Goddess Temple. Reclaim Your Maiden, Recalibrate Your Menstrual Cycle. This powerful Rite of Passage will take you back to your first period to connect with and heal your maiden self, which in turn will recalibrate your menstrual cycle. Our first period sets the tone for our relationship with our cycle! Cost- £90, click though to book. I’m so excited Melanie is bringing her work to the UK and to be working together will be powerful!

My latest On Line Teaching- Love Your Period-Let’s dive into our womb space and work on what’s blocking us from loving our periods. doors are open! Our wombs are not our enemy, although if you suffer from pain, pms, migraines, back ache, cramps, flooding… it feels like it! Come and Join the circle! Join the movement of Empowered women, living the power of their cycles! Cost- sliding scale, pay what you can afford £25-55.

Deepening Woman on line mentoring teachings, open 31st Oct, Eartha and I are releasing our Deepening Woman mentoring training, read more here. Combining womens rites of passages with deep shamanic practices. Deepening Woman Teachings will guide women though the Nine Passages /Life Spiral of womanhood, as well as including menstrual recapitulation, rites of passage ceremonies, shamanic journeys, meditation, Red Tent and Moon Lodge wisdom, journaling, circling, chanting, crafting, touching nature and connecting with our ancestors…On this journey you will deepen your connection with your authentic self, your cyclical nature and its relation to the seasons and the age old knowledge of our ancient mothers; remembering techniques that increase our natural women’s intuition and connect to our Medicine Woman Self. Starts 31st Oct, registration closes 7th Nov. These teachings are for ALL women, it will benefit mothers, menopausal women, and women holding circles and working with youth, as the purpose of the teachings are to bring you to your own authenticity so you can live from that place as a strong medicine woman! FFI see

Don’t forget, I’m available to create bespoke 1-1 or group workshops for you, including Honouring the Womb Drum Making, Reiki, womb healing, closing the bones,massage, reiki….dream up your perfect Red Tent Healing day and let me help make it possible! Contact me on the email below.


To book any workshops or for more info email

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