As the veil gets thinner….

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Samhain Blessings!!

I love this time of year, it’s a time of letting go….on so many levels! It’s the perfect time to hold a fire ceremony and let go into the fire of all that’s no longer serving you…or just have a bit of a clear out!

Obviously it’s a time to connect to your ancestors, make an ancestor table/shrine/altar and ask them for guidance in the coming year.
African author Malidoma Some talks over and over in his books how we westeners don’t honour our ancestors enough, he encourages us to pray to them daily, asking them for guidance. Why not bring this practice in to your daily life?

This beautiful prayer came up on my instagram…i havent been able to find the souce…it’s all over pintrest too…!!

what’s coming up for you this time of year?

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