Why should I connect to my cycle?

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Our menstrual cycle is one of the vital signs of health in our bodies. Treating “problems” with synthetic hormones is now being proved to lead to mental illness, depression, cancer… Let’s empower ourselves to take care of our health.

This article was released on 29th Aug 2019, stating “Oral contraceptive use in adolescence predicts lasting vulnerability to depression in adulthood”. Click the link to read more.

These “problems” that we treat with the pill, are your bodies way of saying something needs looking at. The Pill is just a sticking plaster, that covers up the issue. We need to get to the root cause of the imbalance happening in our bodies.

Our menstual cycle is the way our body speaks to us. Is the language of our female anatomy. Can you listen to it? Whats is it saying? Dive deeper into learning to listen to the language of your cycle and your body by joining my Love Your Period online teaching

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