Healing ourselves, for our children and our ancestors

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It’s time… Time we healed, time we break dysfunctional patterns, time we hand back the baggage we carry that belongs to others, time we step into our authentic selves. Don’t keep thinking someone else will do it, or everything will be OK ‘when/if….’. Now is all we have.

Is anyone else feeling the intense need to get our shit sorted? The earth needs us to wake up, to heal, to tune in to our bodies, to tune in to her body.

We are the ones she is waiting for.

If not you, then who?

We’re in this together, as we heal, it sends ripples of permission for others to heal as well. As we heal, we empower others. As we heal, we create a new future for the children of this earth. As we heal, we heal for our mothers, for our grandmother’s, for our great grandmother’s….

As part of my healing journey with cancer and my moon pause, I recently spent 3.5 days out in my friends woods, fasting, praying, journalling, healing, creating fire ceremonies, sleeping…allowing myself and my body to just BE.


Join Eartha Love and I on our 4 week healing Journey, Healing the Maiden.

Listen to my Healing meditations, and new Ancestor meditations.

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