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Hello Summer Time!

Finally the rain has stopped (fingers crossed) and we’ve had some glorious days, nature feels abundant and my life feels full, busy and abundant too!! Last weekend I travelled London to see one of my favourite intuitives- Lee Harris….check out his energy forecasts on YouTube! On my journey I got a strong intuition to be open to any connections I might make…and I sat next to an amazing woman and  kindred spirit…Indra…she’s Silentmoonimaginarium on Instagram, I love how life works that way! We were the first ones outside on the grass- earthing- in the breaks! You can’t see it properly from the picture below- the slide behind Lee says “it’s time to do something a little different”- oh yes to that!

He also talked about gratitude being super power for abundance- and the book The Magic is a great place to start with weaving gratitude into your life….I always have gratitude lists going in my daily journal. I’m super grateful for the opportunities life continues to show me, to my amazing customers, and to the Earth Mother who nurtures, grounds and feeds me. Grateful for Love, Life and more Love!


Over on my Instagram I’ve been featuring some of my bundles that are fab for travelling, whether its a holiday, festival, camping or hitting the road for a gap year….  check out these sets that include cups, sponges, pads, panty liners…

And I’m so happy the 2020 Earth Pathways Diary is here…Calendars will be out in the next couple of months! Buy here…


Aunt Flo answers some questions about heavy flow…this one includes a favourite liver cleanse of mine and this one talks about pads for heavy periods.

Events and Workshops

Red Tent retreat Days-  The next few dates have been put on my web page- next week its the Deepening Woman taster with myself and Eartha Love -Monday 8th July.

Drum Making in the red tent yurt, Aug 25th, info here. 

Red Girl, Healing the Maiden in Wales, September, booking essential. this again is a taster of the work I do with Eartha, it’s a 4 week journey, just 2 hours a session aimed at mums who want to heal their inner girl so they can be more present with their daughters as they walk the threshold of first blood.

First Blood Catch up ceremony in Bristol with myself and Melanie Swan, November 24th, 10 am – 4:30 pm at the Bristol Goddess Temple. Reclaim Your Maiden, Recalibrate Your Menstrual Cycle. This powerful Rite of Passage will take you back to your first period to connect with and heal your maiden self, which in turn will recalibrate your menstrual cycle. Our first period sets the tone for our relationship with our cycle! Cost- £75 early bird, £90, click though to book. I’m so excited Melanie is bringing her work to the UK and to be working together will be powerful!

Of course, for those who can’t travel to Wales or Bristol, my Red Girl online teachings are always available.

Drum Making is being arranged for Liverpool in Oct…email me if you’re interested!

Don’t forget, I’m available to create bespoke 1-1 or group workshops for you, including  Honouring the Womb Drum Making, Reiki,  womb healing, closing the bones, massage, reiki….dream up your perfect Red Tent Healing day and let me help make it possible! Contact me on the email below.


To book any workshops or for more info email

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