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Hello dear sisters,

Well May has arrived and it feels like the months are flying by! Today I celebrate birthing my eldest boy who is 27 years young! We had a beautiful water birth all those years ago. Happy Birthday Jericho!

Well I’ve been lucky enough to have brought in some much needed rest throughout April with a family holiday- our first one ever! Followed by a weeks womens retreat on Ynys Enlli. Whilst away with the kids on Gozo I had my moontime and slowly immersed into myself to face some changes in my life that need to be made to ease stress, and then on the weeks retreat I took the opportunity to go deep into prayer each day, and had quite an interesting body and mind releasing response though my dreams!

What I’m also learning on my perimenopause journey is that a gentle ‘re-entry’ home is vital to prevent overwhelm, anxiety, hot flushes!! So I’ve learned to pace myself and not let my ‘workaholic self’ take over!! I must admit, when I did eventually get around to switching on my Facebook it was lovely to see Mandy on the BBC News  and then Becky on the Swansea news featuring menstruation, self care, period poverty and alternative products!

I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive responses from mums and magazines that have reviewed Why Does Mummy Bleed, and I’ve put together a special bundle aimed at mums who havent tried Moon Times products before. It includes the book Why Does Mummy Bleed, 3 light flow pads and a medium Moon Sponge set (2 sponges). Order here.

My last few mala sets- I’m winding up this product so this is the last chance to get a set of cycle charting Moon Malas, these are special edition crystal ones made with red jasper, jade and quartz!

Two offerings this week, one on creating deep rest– one of the lessons from cycle awareness which carries over into being a vital tool in perimenopause, and one on my personal site with some musings on ‘Vulnerability or Over Sharing?’

I’d love to know your thoughts!

Workshops, Events and Offerings


May 20th, I’m offering a Red Tent Retreat Day on Menopause- Exploring the Moon-Pause Threshold- Whether you are in the thick of it, on the edge or just want to be prepared, join me in exploring the Moon Pause threshold and let’s open the conversation on the real truth about menopause.

We will explore the stages of menopause, tools to support this transition, we will create a moon-pause medicine pouch, I will show you some other medicine crafts that will honour your moon-pause and suggest further reading and ways to explore this here.

My Red Girl and  Broken Basket Woman Online teachings are open and on gift economy. Two teachings focussing on either end of our menstrual thresholds, celebrating our inner girl as she steps across the Red Girl threshold, and honouring our Wise Woman as her wise blood stays within. Click here to read more…

Would you like a bespoke Honouring the Womb healing day created just for you? I’m happy to arrange 1-1 drum making that could also include womb healing, closing the bones, massage, reiki….dream up your perfect Red Tent Healing day and let me help make it possible! Contact me on the email below.

To book any workshops or for more info email

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