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Hello my dearests,

I hope you are all keeping well and bright as we move into this delicious summer weather- fingers crossed for a sunny half term next week! It feels as if the ‘go-go-go’ energy has hit with the positivity of the Blue Moon (although it shone its light on a few patterns that needed to come into alignment!) couples with the amazing weather we’ve had in the UK these last few days.

Along with the ‘go’ energy I’m flowing into better health and offering a few more workshops with some of the amazing women I work with…as part of my perimenopause journey I’m realising sharing the work load is a great idea! So see below for up coming workshops in Wales and Bristol.


I’ve just received a batch of the beautiful Changing Woman Mandalas, so there’s plenty in stock now! Hannah Gwawr created them as a tool to share with girls, but they are a beautiful way of visually showing your family where your cycle is, by having it on a shelf or mantle piece or part of an altar.

I also had a large packet arrive full of Suzi’s Transitions and Red Tent cards… these are beautiful cards perfect to gift your doula, sister, daughter, for a ceremony or celebration.

I had a bit of a pad sort out and added a load more pads to the limited edition and sale section, so grab a bargain while they are in stock!


As most of you know, I’m deep in the Moon-Pause journey…there’s been a lot of menopause talk on the BBC, which as someone who doesn’t watch TV, I totally missed it, but I did notice a lot more menopause sharing on social media which is wonderful, breaking the secrecy and taboo around this completely normal phase of our lives!! #therealtruthaboutmenopause So here’s my latest blog which is a combination of my recent Instagram posts.

Events and Workshops

Red Tent retreat Days- We had a beautiful Moon- Pause group on Monday, offering information and preparing the younger women in our circle and those women in the depths of the journey felt the support of sharing and connecting with other women in the same place. I do encourage you all to gather in circles, they hold such strength and power! The next few dates have been put on my web page- Energy medicine 19th June, Deepening woman taster 8th July.

Red Girl, Healing the Maiden in Wales, September, booking essential. this again is a taster of the work I do with Eartha, it’s a 4 week journey, just 2 hours a session aimed at mums who want to heal their inner girl so they can be more present with their daughters as they walk the threshold of first blood.

Coming up Oct/Nov, First Blood Catch up ceremony in Bristol with myself and Melanie Swan, so keep an eye on both our websites, facebook etc for the dates and info. I’m so excited Melanie is bringing her work to the UK and to be working together will be powerful!

Of course, for those who can’t travel to Wales or Bristol, my Red Girl online teachings are always available.

Due to popular demand, I’m offering a Reiki I workshop, July 13th, particularly aimed at moon- pause women struggling with their energy and feeling ungrounded in their centre, although its also open to anyone who wants to learn. I love Reiki and its been a daily tool I use for myself and my children when they can’t sleep, or bump themselves, some magical reiki hands can always soothe them!

Don’t forget, I’m available to create bespoke 1-1 or group workshops for you, including  Honouring the Womb Drum Making, Reiki,  womb healing, closing the bones, massage, reiki….dream up your perfect Red Tent Healing day and let me help make it possible! Contact me on the email below.

To book any workshops or for more info email info@rachaelcrow.co.uk


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