Nurturing Yourself with Deep Rest

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One of the biggest lessons for me in my perimenopause journey is to SLOW DOWN and REST!

And I mean, really slow down and rest!!

It’s been mentioned before- the stage of perimenopause is rather like our premenstrual autumn time, when we are getting the call inwards, except this lasts all the time!! So really listening to our inner needs is so much more important if we want to keep the the rage from the door.  I quite often have an inner call to be in nature and sit by a fire!

I’ve had a whole month of surrendering to rest- which isn’t easy, even when you’re on holiday! There’s always something to do and see, somewhere to go…but my body just kept saying slow down, rest.

This last week I’ve been on Ynys Enlli again, (Bardsey Island) which is traditionally a place of pilgrimage and retreat. I decided to spend the week immersed in meditation, journalling, prayers as well as bathing in the natural beauty, sea, seals and green, by goddess it did me good.








I had some interesting insights come in about premenstrual irritabilty- This irritability and impatience is because you are not allowing yourself to let go. Surrender to the call to go within. Spend time alone… Even if you just withdraw for a bit – to centre and ground, sit with a tree, walk in nature, journal, meditate. Kali knocks on the door because you are ignoring your own needs too much, when will you learn? Surrender, let go and surrender some more. Drop the bundle, allow others to step up and hold space for you. This time is HOLY.


And again about the anxiety that many women (including myself) that arises in perimenopause- This anxiety and discomfort you are feeling is your Moon Pause transformation. It is not really anxiety, that is your label for what you are feeling, what is actually happening is that every cell in your body is ‘quickening’ and transforming.
What brings the discomfort, panic, heart palpitations, anxiety is that you are trying to carry on with life while undergoing this massive Initiation. All that is required of you is to rest in the arms of the Mother and be Reborn.

Oh that last sentence- let’s repeat that- All that is required of you is to rest in the arms of the Mother and be Reborn.

And of course, once we can let go, surrender, take the time out for ourselves- we generally feel more sane and balanced and able to ‘get on with things’ until the next time. This is the teachings of the menstrual cycle, we let go, drop the bundle and Surender to our bleeding time, so if we have practiced that- it should be easier to surrender in our perimenopause transition.
So the lesson is to continue with the deep rest, the deep listening, bringing in more and more self care, as we do this we may find the stressful things drop away!

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