First Blood Workshop & Ceremony, Bristol with Myself & Melanie Swan

Rachael CrowMenarche, Workshops

November 24 10:00 am – 4:30 pm
£75 early bird, £90

The Bristol Goddess Temple

Reclaim Your Maiden, Recalibrate Your Menstrual Cycle.
This powerful Rite of Passage will take you back to your first period to connect with and heal your maiden self, which in turn will recalibrate your menstrual cycle.
Our first period sets the tone for our relationship with our cycle.
Many women have experienced feeling unwelcome in the world or feel numb around this time as our culture has pasted over this sweet phase of our lives and the absence of this rite of passage – often called Menarche – has rushed our maiden-selves into an adult woman all too quickly.
When we go back to this time and reclaim our maiden-self and first period, our relationship with our cycle shifts. This has a domino effect on an emotional, physical and soul level and our whole menstrual cycle is recalibrated.

Benefits of Reclaiming Your Maiden-Self
These are all genuine benefits that both Rachael and Melanie, and the women they have worked with have experienced.
Decrease in uncomfortable emotional and physical pre-menstrual symptoms
Increase in energy
Decrease in the pain of periods, emotional and physical
Re-connection with natural talents, dreams and creativity
Feeling welcome in the world as a woman
Increased awareness of the maiden phase of your menstrual cycle
Relationship with your whole cycle is recalibrated
Intuition is more valued
Feeling more present in your body

What Happens In A First Blood Workshop & Ceremony?
You will experience circle time, medicine songs, creative workshop exercises and a powerful group Ceremony.
You will be working with:
Totem Spirit, Deer
A Medicine Story
Creative drawing
A Womb Healing Practice that you’ll be able to do at home
Your First Blood experience
A repatterining exercise for your First Blood.

Your Facilitators

Rachael Crow
Rachael is based in the wilds of Wales and has been facilitating womens’ wisdom work for over 30 years. She is the Manageress and Creatress of Moontimes; empowering women in body appreciation, environmental awareness and self-respect through the use of eco menstrual products, self-care and natural women wise medicine.

Melanie Swan
Recently returned to her homeland of England, Melanie hosts The Sacred Womb Podcast and founded The Womb Medicine Woman Training. She has traveled to many countries developing and sharing this work with the intention that all women have access to the natural spiritual pathway encoded within our body, The Menstrual Spiral.
Details & Booking
On confirmation of booking you will receive some simple exercises to prepare you for your special day.
18 women maximum
£90 (early bird £75 to 31st July.)
50% deposit online to book your place.
The remainder to be paid in cash on the day.
Please bring your own packed lunch. There is a lovely park opposite to eat outside.

Book through Melanie’s website- places limited!