Diving Deeper in to Moon- Pause

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My Insights and Musings as I journey deeper in to my Moon-Pause Initiation…perhaps you will identify or glean some wisdom from my sharing…
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The ‘anxiety’ and discomfort you are feeling is your Moon Pause transformation. It is not really anxiety, that is your label for what you are feeling, what is actually happening is that every cell in your body is ‘quickening’ and transforming.
What brings the discomfort, panic, heart palpitations, anxiety is that you are trying to carry on with life while undergoing this massive Initiation. All that is required of you is to rest in the arms of the Mother and be Reborn. 🙏❤️

This irritability and impatience is because you are not allowing yourself to let go. Surrender to the call to go within. Spend time alone… Even if you just withdraw for a bit – to centre and ground, sit with a tree, walk in nature, journal, meditate. Kali knocks on the door because you are ignoring your own needs too much, when will you learn? Surrender, let go and surrender some more. Drop the bundle, allow others to step up and hold space for you. This time is HOLY.

Can you drop into the magic? Honestly, most of the time perimenopause doesn’t feel like a magical place. It can feel lonely, we can feel lost, at odds with the world. Things we used to love just don’t feed us anymore, we can be cranky around people, feeling disconnected and not knowing where life is taking us. Even our bodies feel like they are against us!
But, if we can drop into acceptance, surrender to the experience, glimmers of our emerging elder self begin to come through, and we can feel the magic of the transformation we are undergoing! 💞

Some days positivity needs to be worked at… Especially on premenstrual days! It’s a choice and we can change our ‘stinking thinking’ to one of gratitude and joy.
On the days when it all feels grey, I surrender and let go, let go of the wallowing and self pitying and choose joy, choose to see the small beauties, feeling the wind on my face as the kiss of the goddess, feel the sun on my face lighting up every cell in my body, cleansing my aura and energy body so I feel vibrant and healthy, and I count my blessings. I pray more, breathe deeply, connecting to the divine life force flowing through my body. I am alive, all is well. Thank you.

Some food for thought.
“Caffeine can lead to biotin deficiency which inhibits lecithin, which is needed to absorb vitamins b and c, folic acid, pantothenic acid and paba, this leads on to inhibit the binding of calcium and iron and interferes with thier absorption. Caffeine is a major cause of osteoporosis. Without biotin our body’s fat production is impaired. A very interesting fact about biotin is that it has a ‘sedative – like’ effect on the brain and is beneficial for insomnia.
Both coffee and tea contain large amounts of caffeine. There is more caffeine weight for weight in tea, but when made into a drink coffee has about 60% more”
The Mad Hatters Tea Party, Melissa Assilem.
In the UK we drink 70 million cups of coffee per day, compared to 165 million cups of tea. (that averages 3 cups of tea per person per day) Average British male coffee drinker drinks 13 cups per week, while average British female coffee drinker drinks 11 😮 .
I’m a cacao drinker myself!! 💞 ❤️ 😍 🍵

“We come from the forest dwellers, season led earth peoples, til the Romans came and took our lands and our traditions. We can’t go back but we can bridge the old ways with the new. The dreaming medicine women will be the bridge. Dream from your moon lodges, dream a bright future balancing the old ways with the new. Always keep the fire of hope alive in your hearts, we are the ones to bring change, there is hope for earth dwellers to live in harmony again. Those that hold the “power and control” are few, it is time for the light workers, medicine people, energy workers together to visualise a new way of being… ” my dreaming wisdom today!

All these Moon Pause ‘symptoms’ are just your body saying “wake up, make the changes you need to be the greatest version of you in the world.”

adrenalin surges–these words do not serve us, what if they were Power Surges? Our fast track to healing and transformation? The moon pause journey is all about becoming your true authentic self, and some of us need our bodies to show us where we need more alignment. How do you feel about your power surges? Can you breathe and surrender as in labour? For you are truly birthing yourself! ❤️❤️❤️

For some, insomnia is a part of the Moon Pause transformation, while others sleep there is energetically more space for processing and inner work. Use this time wisely. Sleep is also energy medicine, releasing in the dream world is just as important as when you are consciously awake and processing. Use your dream time medicine to heal, set sleep medicine intentions “allow my dream time to be a healer of my mind, body and spirit. Allow me to release all that I need, I am open to the energy medicine of sleep. Sleep heals me.”

Self soothing… Start a self soothing practice today! What soothes your soul? Meditation, breathing, nature, guided visualisations, prayer, journalling, herb tea, self massage/reiki, foot baths, reading inspirational books? Many women find that the night sweats, wakefulness and heart palpitations of the Moon Pause journey can be eased through a gentle practice of self soothing. I like to relax my mind, body and spirit with gentle breathing techniques, guided imagery combined with reiki healing ❤️🙏😊
What self soothing techniques do you use?


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