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Hello my beauties!

How is January 2019 feeling to you? We are between eclipses which has been a time for clearing up any old issues from 2018 as well as speaking out with authenticity and truth… and from where I’ve been sitting has also dug up lots of dramas for people. Better out than in eh?

I’ve had quite an emotional month starting with my son creating these Red Tent Snap Chat Filters in my honour… I don’t do snapchat so I’m not sure what its all about!! haha!! But it seems to be bringing awareness of womb wisdom to younger folks which is all good!! You can find out all about the filters on instagram

I’ve also been bowled over by the support of everyone who has donated to my Gofundme campaign – as part of my journey healing cancer, I’m manifesting a cancer retreat- a juicing detox somewhere warm! As a perimenopausal mother on a deep journey with cancer, the thought of a week away is just bliss…and I’m sure my family could do with a break from me too! If you are local (Carmarthenshire/Pembrokeshire) then follow the Cancer Sistars page on Facebook for a couple of fundraiser days that you might like to attend.


Cups are on Sale at the mo….I’m often asked why I don’t have a huge range of cups and the answer is that I have tried and tested quite a few and I like to sell products that are the best quality and comfortable. Yes, there are many cups out there and many are cheap copies! These are high grade silicone, with no nasty added dyes! Plus Ruby Cup are a charity that give cups to girls in Kenya which I love! 


and in case you’ve been waiting, Womanrunes are back in stock!

On The Blog

Sharing an old post, but relevant to me at the moment as Liver Tonic drinks have become a regular part of my healing journey, and I seem to be recommending them to so many women for all kinds of issues! Supporting the liver can help with many menstrual issues, particularly heavy flow- and of course switching from tampons to cloth can help too! I also highly recommend reading Anthony Williams Liver Rescue book, also Lara Bridens Period Repair Manual

So here’s an Ask Aunt Flo post- and if you have any queries, do get in touch!


Red Tent Retreat Day… A day of Womb Love- Yoni Steams, Womb packs and Womb Blessing at the Red Tent Yurt with Sally and Rachael, 21st Jan 10am-2pm, suggested donation is £20,  bring lunch to share. Still time to book! 

Drum Making March, in Bristol, Learn to make a 14”/16″ medicine drum & beater from natural materials. Sunday March 24th 10:30 AM – 4 PM at Goddess Temple Bristol, Sliding scale £185-£200 (pay what you can afford, cost includes all materials) Bookings must be made by April 1st to ensure materials can be prepared in time! 


My Red Girl and  Broken Basket Woman Online teachings are open and on gift economy. Two teachings focussing on either end of our menstrual thresholds, celebrating our inner girl as she steps across the Red Girl threshold, and honouring our wise Woman as her wise blood stays within. Click here to read more…

To book any workshops or for more info email

Warm wishes, Rachael xxx

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