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Good Morning my lovelies, I can hardly believe we are at the end of January! That super moon eclipse was quite something and I know many people are still feeling it! I just loved sitting under her and feeling the energies of Grandmother moon.

So what’s being happening? Well I have decided to start a Vagina Revolution!! It seem like a lot of us have spent years connecting to our womb wisdom and have forgotten our cervix and vagina!! So I’m shifting a bit into cervical health and vagina awareness! Starting with this video on not being scared of ‘abnormal’ smears and clearing HPV naturally…check it out! 

It’s amazing how many women have NO IDEA we can heal our cervix!

And then Vaginas… I want women to start asking to insert the speculum and ask to see their cervix!! At my cervical exam last week I asked for this and my gynaecologist is even going to book my next visit into the suite that has a camera so I can have a photo!! Now that’s a supportive Dr!! YES!! And if we don’t request these things Drs don’t know we want them…so who is joining me on the Vagina Revolution?!!


And I am * just * landing back from the most amazing, awesome training with Clare from Fertility Massage!! Wowsers…. do check out her website and do one of her trainings- it is WOMB LOVE TO THE MAX!!! I’m sure once I’ve landed I will write some more about it!!

Huge thank you to those who have supported my  Gofundme campaign I’m almost at my target, if you can spare any pennies to help that would be amazing!!


Have you tried a sponge yet? #betterthanatampon Many women find them softer and more comfy than a cup and they can be trimmed to fit! Why not give them a try! We have 2 brands- Jam Sponge and Moon Sponge– both identical except for the branding!


Cups are still on Sale



And why not try a Lucky Dip set of pads? 4 assorted pattern pads….see what you get!

On The Blog

Signs of peri menopause.…some of the healing groups I’m on women are mentioning stress, insomnia, anxiety but they don’t seem to be wanting to connect these with the possibility it could be peri menopause! Why are we do resistant to entering this phase of womanhood? Let’s embrace it, so first here’s the first blog- are you in denial?, and then my Truth About Menopause posts from the little campaign I started a while back.


Drum Making March, in Bristol, Learn to make a 14”/16″ medicine drum & beater from natural materials. Sunday March 24th 10:30 AM – 4 PM at Goddess Temple Bristol, Sliding scale £185-£200 (pay what you can afford, cost includes all materials) Bookings must be made by FEB 1st to ensure materials can be prepared in time! 

Would you like a bespoke healing day created just for you? I’m happy to arrange 1-1 drum making that could also include womb healing, closing the bones, massage, reiki….dream up your perfect Red Tent Healing day and let me help make it possible! Contact me on the email below.

My Red Girl and  Broken Basket Woman Online teachings are open and on gift economy. Two teachings focussing on either end of our menstrual thresholds, celebrating our inner girl as she steps across the Red Girl threshold, and honouring our wise Woman as her wise blood stays within. Click here to read more…

To book any workshops or for more info email

Warm wishes, Rachael xxx

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