Fertility Massage Training, Wales Jan 2019

Rachael CrowMenstrual Health, Musings, Workshops

Join Clare of Fertility Massage on this 4 day immersive journey to learn in depth Practical, Spiritual and Theory on how to work with women and their wombs. This is not just for fertility, it supports women through all life cycles.

Listen To Clare on her podcast with Melanie Swan at The Scared Womb https://www.thesacredwomb.com/heal-the-womb-heal-the-woman-with-clare-blake-e38/ 

A fertile womb is a creative and juicy womb and woman ❣️ This is NOT just another massage course, it’s life changing- a mantra many previous students repeat on every course!

You will learn: ❣️How to massage the womb, abdomen, lower back and coccyx to help improve circulation, ease tension and break down scar tissue whilst also holding a Safe space for women to unravel and release so they can come back into their bodies feeling full and whole!

You will experience:
❣️Womb Blessings, meditations, womb & menstrual medicine circle, Restoring The Soul Ceremony and other ceremonies…

Every woman’s journey on the course is unique but many find it empowering and changes their career path.
You will receive: ❣️A comprehensive Handbook, Online Theory Videos and Handouts and a full practitioner Massage DVD. After the course you will join the other 450+ therapists in a closed Facebook group to continue the love, support and sisterhood.

The course is currently becoming accredited as a stand alone therapy to allow non massage therapists to join.

To book see
http://www.fertilitymassage.co.uk/wales-2019/ .