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Hello My Lovelies,

Well last time I wrote my newsletter I was writing about being perimenopausal and premenstrual…and now it’s cycle day 39!! So I’ve expanded a bit on juggling this phase in my latest blog!

For me, even when my cycle is ‘off the map’ it is still am important practice for me to chart my cycle, there are still patterns to be seen, and just knowing I’m off the ‘chart’ holds a resonance of moving through this Initiation to Elder. When we give attention to our cycle, things can change- I’ve witnessed women become more regular, become lighter, pain easing, just by dropping in to their womb each day and journalling! Cycle charting is a powerful tool, never forget that! Image above is from our Red Tent retreat day where we were teaching cycle awareness to mums and daughters!

Don’t forget there’s a free Moon Dial on my bog for you to print and start cycle charting today!


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On The Blog
Cycle Charting when Life isn’t Supporting You! Navigating life when your cycle is ‘off the Map’! Read more here…


Red Tent Retreat Day- Full Moon Jan 21st, a day of womb love and receive a  womb blessing

All my on line teachings are open on Gift Economy!

New Year Drum Making January 19, 2019 at Gorslwyd Sound Healing Retreat Centre, Join us in a day of Drum making, theres also the option to stay over at this beautiful Retreat Centre and experience a Fire Ceremony and Gong Bath! ONLY 6 Places available! 

Only a couple of places left! Clare is bringing her Fertility Massage training to Cardigan, I’m helping her organise this and theres a *few* places left!! 26th – 29th January 2019. FFI on this course see Fertility Massage

COMING IN 2019- Drum Making March, in Bristol, Summer 2019, Mixed Men and Womens Ritual Tattooing Day! Keep an eye on my Facebook and blog for info.

To book any workshops (except the Fertility Massage) email

Warm wishes, Rachael xxx

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