Following my Passion…. a call for support

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Awakening women to the power of their cycles has been my passion for 25 years…It all began when I sat in circle in 1993 with 6 women in a flat in Bristol and we shared our first period stories and celebrated our Menarche with a ‘catch up ceremony’ (I was 22- so over 10 years since my actual menarche) singing to one another and being anointed with sacred well water.

I had already made myself some soft moontime pads and some of the women in the group asked me to make pads for them, pad making became a bit of a hobby, I put flyers up in local whole food stores and sold a few sets a year- back then I was sewing them on my Nana’s old hand Singer machine. Then when my eldest daughter began her moontime, I made her a set, which she showed her friends – who all wanted some, and they told their teacher and even the Tampax lady when she came to school…and my little business grew! Around this time my eldest son was diagnosed as HSP and autism and moved into a special needs school. I realised I needed a job that would work around being more available to my family.

Well from there I studied business and went fully self employed with my therapies and had Moon Times as a side line- the internet was just getting big and my business advisor thought I had a brilliant product and pushed me to grow the business.

Over the years I’ve done lost of business trainings with different people, but the models are all pretty similar- sell, sell, sell, push, push push….!!! And then along comes all the social media- now we are selling on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…It’s exhausting! And NONE of it has ever resonated with me. I’m a natural networker, I love to share my work and the work of others that I believe in, but I don’t like the patriarchal model of selling. The highlight of my work is when I get an email from someone who loves my products or my writings and has shared it with a friend, or a message from someone telling me their friend is a customer and recommended me- this way of business resonates!! This is why I love to work with women like Melanie, Eartha, Amber….we all promote eachother even though our work is similar- we each have a different flavour…theres no competition or pushing or hard sell, we are business women, doing business the womens way!

But do you know, following your passion in business is hard, the reality, if I wanted to earn a proper income from making pads, they would be about £25 each! To grow a business it needs investment- so there’s the website (with hosting and web designer fees), insurance, advertising, not to mention all the equipment- industrial sewing machines, press stud machine, computer, printer, internet- which all come with bills. Since moving house it now costs me £5 in petrol each time I drive to the post office- I could walk there before…but I do love my new home! I’ve always had to have another job alongside Moon Times to earn a living but at the moment, I’m healing cancer and I’m in perimenopause, my energy levels just can’t handle more than parenting and keeping Moon Times running.

I think I’ve done a good job at getting Moon Times out there, so good that people think I’m a massive corporation, I get emails everyday asking for product donations and samples for groups, businesses, eco fairs, student promotions…the reality is it’s just me, with a couple of women I call on when I need extra sewing done!

I offer lots for free- for over 10 years I’ve held moon lodges and red tents, free info on my blog, videos and newsletters because I want women to get it…I want you to connect to your cycle, see your blood as sacred, connect to the earth through your body wisdom…and ultimately it’s all about coming to a place of loving our bodies and loving the Earth. My family and I live a low impact live (as much as we can without living in a hobbit hole!), we buy second hand, support local businesses, we haven’t had a family holiday abroad in about 20 years, I drive an old banger, do DIY and reuse/ upcycle everything we can, but it’s got to a point where I need to rest more but some how still earn a living.

So I’m putting out a call for support, for me, my business, my family. I rely on you, my readers and customers to help promote this work. I’m going though huge challenges and changes, I’m putting out all my online courses for donation/gift economy, my Menarche book is available on gift economy as a download, and my cycle charting book is being updated and will be a downloadable book too. So please share my offerings, tell your friends, buy things for gifts, first periods, womens circles…

I invite you on a deep healing journey with Eartha and myself on our online Deepening Woman Mentoring Teachings– these are especially relevant to women wanting to step into holding circles of women or girls (or women and girls) to women moving into peri menopause, in fact, all women would benefit from these teachings!

And they are online so anyone can join, anywhere in the world!

Combining womens rites of passages with deep shamanic practices. Deepening Woman Teachings will guide women though the Nine Passages /Life Spiral of womanhood, as well as including menstrual recapitulation, rites of passage ceremonies, shamanic journeys, meditation, Red Tent and Moon Lodge wisdom, journaling, circling, chanting, crafting, touching nature and connecting with our ancestors…On this journey you will deepen your connection with your authentic self, your cyclical nature and its relation to the seasons and the age old knowledge of our ancient mothers; remembering techniques that increase our natural women’s intuition and connect to our Medicine Woman Self.

And I thank YOU, for all your support over the years, and for the years to come, may we all keep growing, healing, supporting eachother, holding our Mother Earth in our hearts and wombs.


Rachael Crow 6th Nov 2018