Cycle Charting when Life isn’t Supporting You!

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Did any of you see this on my Instagram this week??

Well my cycle is streeeeetching out (day 39 as I type!) and when your cycle does that, well, you can’t just sit around waiting for the blood to come!!

Life goes on!!

But, I am definitely still feeling highly premenstrual, now and again I slip in to a ‘voidyness’ but there’s a constant hyper sensitivity and irritation layer!

I still had to do my stall at the school Advent Fair….I brought a friend to be my ‘buffer’, I still had to take the kids swimming…I sat up in the gallery away from the chatting mums- having hot flush after hot flush….I still had to do the weekly shop….I went at 7.30pm when it was fairly quiet!
Navigating our way around this transition can feel tricky, and if someone throws a curve ball- like my husband dropping a bomb the night before our school fair that he had to work that day (And it was a full moon!!!) ….BREATHE….BREATHE…..BREATHE…try not to become Kali (I failed!!) and do something nice for yourself!!

For me, being an hsp that’s premenstrual and perimenopausal has it’s overwhelming days! So how do we cope?
Up the self care and self kindness
Find a way to wrap yourself in a cocoon for a while until the worst passes
Stick with like minded souls, or stay away completely
Use essential oils
Take an epsom salt bath

Do a womb pack
Walk in nature
Go back to bed!
Read an inspiring book
Put your feet up with a herbal tea
💞 Be gentle with yourself 💓

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