Peri-menopause is the Calling to Yourself

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Have you heard? The journey of peri-menopause is a CALLING to THE SELF…

I’ve been sitting in circles with women sharing about their rage, their insomnia, hot flushes, more rage, and they are asking how can I get though this?

Well for now, my rage has subsided. I’ve released deep grief for the things ‘I thought’ I would/should/could have been doing/done by now- by goddess women- drop the would/should/could’s!! (excerpt from The Cancer Whisperer on Grief)

I’m sitting in the ‘void’ and instead of wondering where life is taking me, I’ve stepped fully on to a path of deep healing.

For me, the initiation of wise woman, is an acceptance of my souls calling, my soul path.
When I surrendered, the Universal Assignment of my souls calling became VERY CLEAR!

I’ve had to step clear away from fear and put myself into the hand of the Great Mother, I am working with Her and she is working with me.

It’s becoming clearer to me that my rage was coming from a place of impatience, a desire to be alone, to drop all the mundane shit I no longer wanted to do, to be free-er to spend more time doing what I really wanted. And slowly (because my body started shouting at me!!) I got the message, I started to drop the stuff I no longer wanted in my life and I opened up to healing.
I’ve become clearer in my communication- asking for support, putting myself first -no, it’s not selfish- it’s ESSENTIAL in menopause that we listen to our body, our needs and goddess isn’t it time we put ourselves first for once? Things have to be on my terms.

In one circle we talked about insomnia, how do we cope- so some strategies might be to have your own room, so if your awake you can read, listen to a podcast/meditation, journal? Maybe incorporate naps in to your day, or at least more rest times. Let go of whats not important. For those of you with full time jobs- is it possible to take time off, go part time- even if just for a while? Have a holiday on your own? A weekend retreat?

If you don’t get the quiet time/alone time- how can you hear your souls calling?

Well believe me- it will start shouting in someway to get your attention- and its much easier if it doesn’t have to shout! (by the way- shouting is the rage and pain that comes).

The last few years of my life have been incredibly hard, the Universe (God, Goddess, Higher Power…insert what fits for you!) has asked me to “STEP UP” on so many levels.
The problem is, when you work in line with your soul calling, you’re required to walk your talk and heal deeper than you every thought possible!
And by Goddess, have I been worked these past few years!
My passion lies in empowering women, bringing them to the power of their wombs, its connection to the earths seasons and though that connection, I’m bringing women into love with the Mother- our Earth.
This work has included nature connection, earth connection, land protection, creating a sacred womens temple, deep womb wisdom, womb healing, ancestral healing, mother wound healing, childhood healing…and every step of the way I have healed too!
This time I’m getting it, and its deep, deeper than I ever thought possible! Healing ancestral pain, trauma, historical sickness that’s trapped in our cells, passed on – unknowingly , well I’m the “lucky” chosen one that gets to say “No more, it stops here.”

And now the universe has asked me to ramp it up…for so long I have stated my belief in plant power, food, nutrition, herbal medicine and homeopathy over vaccinations and antibiotics! So it’s time to walk my talk, step up…healer heal thyself.
And what do I need to do this-
1. A fabulous support team
2. Trust in the Universe (this includes meditating to align myself, prayers like none I’ve prayed before, surrender over and over, and staying in the vibration of love)
3. Acceptance of my ‘assignment’
4. To make it enjoyable
So, gracefully I accept my assignment, I’m doing the work, healing on more levels than I every knew, I have complete trust in the Universe and in my bodies ability to heal and the benefits have been amazing so far!

Yes, I’m stubborn (luckily) and I think that’s what will get me though this journey!

In healing myself I’m learning so many more healing techniques I will be able to share with others, I’m allowing myself to receive healing from so many different people and in so many ways, my capacity for self care and self kindness has increased 100%, my body wisdom and body listening is getting an amazing fine tuning!


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