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Hello! Warm wishes to you all!

Well my children have broken up and I’ll soon be off to Dance Camp Wales for 2 weeks of camping, dancing, lots of Moon Lodge circles (since I’m facilitating!) and generally relaxing in the sun (I hope!).

My web team and I have been building a new shop on my blog site and we will be completely closing the old site today or tomorrow…so if there’s anything you’re desperate for drop me an email  Here’s a sneak peak at the new look! Please be patient while we continue to work on all the photos of the products and attributes…it’s a fab new shop with lots more scope for showing you pictures of everything…but it’s a lot of uploading and getting it all right! (and BT mistakenly stopped all my services last week- instead of my neighbours- so thats slowed things down a bit!!)



In The Shop

Because the shops down for maintenance, I thought I’d share our sister site- for all your sponge needs! Jam Sponge 

And my personal site, with my online courses and woman crafted drums.


On The Blog-

I’ve heard a few women recently mentioning taking a pill from the doctor to suppress their cycle incase it comes whilst on holiday! I was so surprised…I’ve never considered stopping my natural cycle for a holiday- in fact if its due, it’s more likely to come while your enjoying a rest- it’s the prefect time for your moon time! But yeh, if your camping or at a festival, I can see it might be a nuisance….not that i’ve ever let that bother me…my camping buddies are used to seeing my pads on my guy ropes! So, here’s a blog from the archives….Managing your Moon Time on the Move! “So you’ve bagged some tickets for your favourite festival, your tent is sorted, you’ve got a lift and the weather forecast is looking good and then you realise that your going to have your period while you’re there.  You’re not going to want to miss the festival but dealing with disposable pads and tampons at a festival can be a real pain….” read on


Broken Basket Woman online teaching- STILL TIME TO JOIN!!! Registration open until July 26th. To help ground you in your transformation, give you reassurance and support you in emerging as the Wise Woman you are created to be! #perimenopause #menopause #brokenbasketwoman #naturalmenopause


Fertility Massage in Wales!! Clare is bringing her Fertility Massage training to Cardigan, I’m helping her organise this and theres a *few* places left!! 26th – 29th January 2019. FFI on this course see Fertility Massage 

To book any workshops  or to contact me email


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