Pre Menstrual Kindness

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Back in 2013 I wrote a blog post called “Take a Sacred Day Each Month” and as I’ve moved into my peri-menopause journey it’s become even more important to give myself much more self care and self kindness premenstrually.

Whilst taking time out (if possible) is a good practice during your moon time, if you suffer from premenstrual symptoms, this is your bodies way of getting your attention. For me,during my premenstrual week, my body ALWAYS wants me to slow down, have more peace and quiet, have time alone, I want easy healthy meals and time for self care practices! Not always easy, but some things can be done in a matter of minutes….

Self Kindness- what can you do for yourself today? treat yourself like you would treat your best friend…have a spa session, a massage, a walk….

ME time….even if its just time for a cup of herb tea, alone in your room with the door SHUT!

A long soak in an Epsom salts bath (with relaxing essential oils!! YES!)

Walk in nature, connect with mother nature …woods, the beach, the local park, sit under a tree

woodland wanderings

Try a castor oil womb pack, womb massage and /or a yoni steam! (check out youtube for ‘how to’ vids!)

Eat simple nurturing (real) foods- miso soup, vegetable broth, stir fry, green juices and smoothies…none of the processed stuff!

Craving the sweet stuff? This is often a sign of magnesium deficiency…the answer (apart from magnesium supplements!) RAW CHOCOLATE! (I recommend Milly’s Moon Time Chocolates! be sure to order them in preparation!)

Try a womb meditation, connect in to your womb and ask her what she needs today.

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