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Hello Beautiful Sisters,

Gosh it’s been a full couple of weeks here at Moon Times HQ! Firstly, thank you to all of you who came to the Pagan Fair in Bristol, it was so lovely to see you….and an extra bonus was catching up with my old mates from the area!

We had our red tent circle outdoors at my house last week, with was so lovely. We had our usual sharing circle, drumming, singing and  finishing with a fire ceremony. There’s something just so special about sitting in circle with sisters. Tomorrow is of course Summer Solstice, so I’ve been doing a cleanse – bodily and a house cleanse…I found 26 odd socks…where do they all go??  To me, Summer Solstice is a time to honour the sun and fire….what do you do to connect to the energy? Some ideas for you…perhaps visit a sacred stone circle, sit alone with a fire, ponder your relationships- do they still have ‘fire’- often handfasts are renewed at this time! Or maybe just sun bathe!


Melanie Swan interviewed me about my Broken Basket Woman teachings …if you’re curious to know more…have a watch!

In The Shop

This month I’m promoting pads…which you may have noticed if you follow me on Twitter and Facebook! Especially for YOU, my beautiful customers…keep an eye out for a few VERY LIMITED sets of the new pad designs…



On The Blog-

I’ve recently started seeing an EFT practitioner and wowsers, does it shift things fast….AND take you deep in to your body wisdom! So this newsletter I’m going to leave you with a question to ponder about your body wisdom… take some time to stop and listen and see what your body is telling you…..sit and ask your body what it needs, is there anything you’ve been ignoring that you need to pay attention to? If there is, ask that bit of your body what it needs to say to you… here for more… Body Wisdom 




Broken Basket Woman online teaching to help ground you in your transformation, give you reassurance and support you in emerging as the Wise Woman you are created to be! Registration open until July 26th.

Drum Making, due to popular demand I’m now offering 1-1 drum making sessions, and custom drums can be made…here’s one I created this week.


22nd-23rd Sept- £75- VERY limited places!! A womens all night vigil set in 100+ acres of woods here in West Wales, with cacao, sweat and fire, druming and singing with some hours of silence.

COMING TO WALES!! Clare is bringing her Fertility Massage training to Cardigan, I’m helping her organise this and theres a *few* places left!! 26th – 29th January 2019. FFI on this course see Fertility Massage

To book any workshops (except the Fertility Massage) email

Warm wishes, Rachael xxx

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