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Hello dear ones!

I’m in post Bardsey bliss after the most beautiful week away on Bardsey Isle- Enlli in Welsh 🙂 There was no electricity, nor hot running water- definitely no wifi so it was a weeks immersion into nature. (also a risk of the winds whipping up and being stranded!! Luckily it didn’t happen but I don’t think I would have minded if it had!) The highlight of which was the daily connection with the seals- sitting with them each day was magical and mesmerising, they are such gorgeous creatures.

(see their noses popping up in the photo)

Unfortunately I returned home to a broken laptop…which I quickly nipped into the repair shop in town with and was told they would have to send it away….just as I’m in the middle of uploading my next online teaching! …yes, this was the face I pulled in the shop! The assured me they would try and ‘rush’ it through! So I’m on an old slow computer, painfully waiting for apps to open and things to upload! Bear with me….

In The Shop

If you’ve perused my blog website lately you may have noticed a shop appearing…well because my shop software is so old and tired (like me and this computer I’m on!) so I’m slowly moving things over to a woocommerce platform which is a bit simpler. I will probably be dropping some products so keep an eye on my current shop for sale items!

What’s on Sale at the mo? Well take a look at our selection of pad sets…including the lucky dip sets! and still reduced…our Cycle Charting Journal, grab one while stocks last!


On The Blog-

Fingers crossed this slow computer stays going long enough… if you click to my blog there should be a piece of writing I wrote while on Bardesy about the peri menopause Journey!


Broken Basket Woman online teaching to help ground you in your transformation, give you reassurance and support you in emerging as the Wise Woman you are created to be! Teachings open on June 1st.

Something is changing. We are slowly wrapping ourselves in our cocoons and preparing for the Initiation into Wise Woman, knowing we will emerge as something different, a beautiful butterfly…but sitting inside the soup of the cocoon, in a place of limbo, a void, we can feel as if we are going crazy- becoming Broken Basket Woman and terrified we will not be able to weave ourselves back together.

Physical symptoms, spiritual questioning, life changes may feel overwhelming. As a circle we will gather our fragmented pieces back into ourselves and gently weave ourselves back together.

I will lead you, tenderly holding and guiding as we create space for healing, reweaving and just BE-ING.


Drum Making, There’s still spaces on my next drum birthing day is Sunday 24th June (book by 21st May).

Do you have a group who would love to make drums? I’m happy to host groups or travel to you (if youre not too far away!) Would you like a custom made drum? Have a look at my drum shop page for inspiration. If you’re ready to buy a drum…check out my Etsy shop and use the 10% off discount code in the image below.

22nd-23rd Sept- £75- VERY limited places!! A womens all night vigil set in 100+ acres of woods here in West Wales, with cacao, sweat and fire, druming and singing with some hours of silence.

COMING TO WALES!! Clare is bringing her Fertility Massage training to Cardigan, I’m helping her organise this and theres a *few* places left!! 26th – 29th January 2019
Felinganol Retreat Centre, West Wales (near Cardigan and Mwnt beach) Hosted by Clare Spink, a 4 day Spiritual, Practical & Theory course for practitioners wishing to specialise in Women’s Health & Fertility.This practical hands-on course will teach you how to safely perform the womb & sacral massage on yourself and your clients. FFI on this course see Fertility Massage

To book any workshops (except the Fertility Massage) email

Warm wishes, Rachael xxx

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