Broken Basket Woman

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Standing at the threshold of what our society labels ‘menopause’ can be a lonely and scary time. Something is changing, we are slowly wrapping ourselves in our cocoons and preparing for the Initiation into Wise Woman, knowing we will emerge as something different, a beautiful butterfly…but sitting inside the soup of the cocoon, in a place of limbo, a void we can feel as if we are going crazy- becoming Broken Basket Woman and terrified we will not be able to weave ourselves back together…. Here is my offering to any other Broken Basket Women out there.  xxxx


Broken Basket Woman

I am Basket Woman, weaver of life

and so far, my basket has served me well

it was woven tightly and held all my dreams

As a child it was filled with mermaids and selkies

horses running free, teddies to cuddle, a place to just BE

When I flew the nest it held my hopes and fears

paperwork, bills, love letters and tears

Later it held babies, washing and food

a basket of apples, a basket of love (ever flowing)

After years of giving from my basket of life

my edges are frayed, my base is worn out


I’m falling apart, and I don’t know who I am…

mother, giver, lover, feeder, cleaner, mender

Creatress, Priestess, Warrior, Saint?

I’m Broken Basket Woman, sitting here alone

I need to fix myself, I need to sit, to dream

to weave myself back into being….whole.


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