Women Share their Words to Describe the Inner Seasons…

Rachael CrowMenstrual Health

#innerspring #preovulation women share words about the post bleed/ pre ovulation phase of thier cycle…..

#innersummer #ovulation Some words shared by women about this time in thier cycle… See how some women feel powerful and they can take on the world at this time while others feel anxious and overwhelmed? This is why it’s important to know your own cycle, where do you feel your power and where do you feel sensitive? Where do you feel most comfortable? Discomfort?

#innerautumn #postovulation #premenstrum words shared by a circle of women how they feel at this time in the cycle… For many this can be a tricky phase to navigate, it’s a time when we need to look after ourselves and up the self care techniques, ask for help and find some time to be alone.

#innerwinter #menstruation sharing words from women on this phase of the cycle…. Have you got any to add?