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Hello my lovelies,

I’m so happy to see the snowdrops popping up everywhere and feel the sun and warm sunlight on my skin again…although if I venture outside it’s bracing! This gift of ice and bitter winds from Russia is somewhat spoiling my spring euphoria!

This week I’ve been feeling very blessed to have had amazing teachers in my life and people from all walks of life who have touched  and inspired me. Through DeAnna’s Menopause Summit I was once again listening to the wisdom of Brooke Medicine Eagle; A woman who through her books and teachings has influenced my life a lot.  This quote from her book Buffalo Woman comes Singing reminds me why I created Moon Times pads 🙂  “My elders say that nature has shown us that the Moon time is when things are to flow out of our womb, not be put into it. Thus their advice is not to put anything within us during our Moon time, including having intercourse. I have switched to using natural washable pads whenever possible, and the blood can be washed from them and given away as well. In whatever way I offer my blood, I often sing a song “Blood of Life” which is an honoring of it.” I encourage you to connect deeply with your Moontime, and perhaps read Brookes books! (and see our upcoming ‘events’ below for practical ways to connect to your womb and your moontime!)

In The Shop

Lovely pad sets ideal for young women new to their moontime, smaller pads and panty liners for light flow days and slight incontinence, larger wool and belted pads are perfect for new mums who need soft cloth against their delicate tissue after birth or for night time use… have a browse and find the perfect set for you!

Moon Times Cycle Charting Journal is on sale for a limited time….

On The Blog

Have you looked at any of our blog posts recently? For those of you going through Peri Menopause- check out the book suggestions, my latest Insights from The Womb Cave, and there’s still time to get on to DeAnna Lams Menopause Summit (featuring little old me and a host of wise women!), and some of my other posts- Body Wisdom, and Who are Your Allies? Grab a cuppa and take your time to read through a couple of these!



Mid Girl and Menarche Passages- Join Rachael and a beautiful group of women as we journey back to our Mid Girl and Menarche girl, healing our inner girl, celebrating her menarche, giving her the ceremony she needed/wished for, listening to our body wisdom and our cycles and supporting one another! Rachael will lead you through these two thresholds, tenderly holding and guiding your mid girl and menarche girl, as we create space for healing. You can take your time to go through the work in your own time, at your own pace, there is no “Start or End” …women are free to join at any time! See our page- Mid Girl and Menarche passage, teachings include Foundation videos, Earth Connection meditation and activities, Stories, self enquiry work and craft activities, Meditations & Journeys, Cycle charting information. Menstrual Recapitulation and a Facebook group for support.

Drum Making, Still time (just) to book on the Full Moon Drum making day Saturday 31st March  (book by Feb 28th) and we have another day- Sunday 24th June (book by 21st May).

Deepening Woman will run again this year, 5th May, 9th June , 7th and 28th July, book early to avoid disappointment. Last years journey was very popular and we’ve had amazing feedback from it.

Deepening Woman, Recovering ourselves – holding our future generations in strength.

A journey of healing, prayer, journeying, drumming and deep truth in West Wales……helping us to connect with our authentic selves.

A circle for women held by Rachael and Eartha Varda

COMING TO WALES!! Clare is bringing her Fertility Massage training to Cardigan, I’m helping her organise this and theres a *few* places left!! 26th – 29th January 2019
Felinganol Retreat Centre, West Wales (near Cardigan and Mwnt beach) Hosted by Clare Spink, a 4 day Spiritual, Practical & Theory course for practitioners wishing to specialise in Women’s Health & Fertility.This practical hands-on course will teach you how to safely perform the womb & sacral massage on yourself and your clients.  FFI on this course see Fertility Massage 

To book any workshops (except the Fertility Massage) email info@rachaelcrow.co.uk

I’d like to end with another quote from Brooke Medicine eagle- which sums up my work and why I do it-

“Now it is important, not only for healing ourselves, but in healing our Mother Earth, for each of us to bring our Moon blood back to its place of honor in our lives.”

Brooke Medicine Eagle – Buffalo Woman comes Singing

Warm wishes, Rachael xxx


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