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Hello sweet sistars,

I’m sending my newsletter out a bit early to give you a chance to check out my online teaching that launches on Wednesday! The Mid Girl and Menarche Passages…This is my first package I’m offering while I put together an year long teaching, anyone who books on to the Menarche one will be offered a discount for the year long wise woman teaching, so if you’re interested in working with me but just live too far from West Wales, this is a great opportunity to get a taste of my work. All teachings are self led, so there’s no deadlines or time limits on this. Grab the early bird price and take your time to embark on this journey when you are ready.

Any of you who follow me on Facebook may have seen my post about creating a new womens business culture. Over the years I’ve felt ground down by the patriarchal business models we are being taught and I feel it’s time for a paradigm shift where womens business are concerned!! One of the best ways women work together is to recommend and share knowledge and information, so I’d like to share another womans marvellous business… Milly’s Moon Time Chocolates I’ve had the pleasure of savouring these delicious chocolates and the fact that Milly concocts recipes to fit with your cycle makes them extra special to me! So why not treat yourself or your daughters, friends, aunties, your moon lodge or Red Tent circle to a box? In fact, that’s an idea…maybe a group could have a monthly subscription 😉

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JAM SPONGE FLASH SALE…for 48 hrs only, because we love you!

And our Moon Times Cycle Charting Journal is on sale for a limited time….

On The Blog

Body Wisdom, what’s your body telling you?   My latest blog post explores techniques that can help release traumas, stuck emotions or ‘dis-ease’ held in our bodies… “By tuning into my cycle, taking time to really feel into my womb and my energies as they pass through the different ‘seasons’ of the cycle I also get to hear the messages my body needs me to hear.”


Launching on the 14th Feb!!! .…so  join quick at the special early bird price! And for those of you thinking…I just dont have time right now…sign up and work your way through at your own pace, there’s no time limit on this! I’m so excited to be offering my first on-line teaching! Have a look at my Mid Girl and Menarche passage, it includes Foundation videos, Earth Connection meditation and activities, Stories, self enquiry work and craft activities, Meditations & Journeys, Cycle charting information. Menstrual Recapitulation and more! Grab it at the early bird price of £75.

Drum Making, I’ve got some new dates up for drum making days- Saturday 31st March -Full Moon Drums (book by Feb 28th) and Sunday 24th June (book by 21st May).

Deepening Woman will run again this year, 5th May, 9th June , 7th and 28th July, book early to avoid disappointment. Last years journey was very popular and we’ve had amazing feedback from it.

Deepening Woman, Recovering ourselves – holding our future generations in strength.

A journey of healing, prayer, journeying, drumming and deep truth in West Wales

……helping us to connect with our authentic selves.

A circle for women held by Rachael and Eartha Varda

To book any workshops email info@rachaelcrow.co.uk

Warm wishes, Rachael xxx


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