Body Wisdom, what’s your body telling you?

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I know I’m always banging on and on about cycle charting and how empowering it is- of course its great to know your cycle for the obvious reasons of conception or avoiding conception, or perhaps just to keep track of your moods, knowing its your premenstrual week is always handy!

But what I really love, is that by tuning into my cycle, taking time to really feel into my womb and my energies as they pass through the different ‘seasons’ of the cycle I also get to hear the messages my body needs me to hear.

Any ‘dis-ease’ in my body is it sending me a signal, something is a bit out of balance. And if I keep ignoring the pains, the tiredness, the headaches, or whatever it is, my body will just keep nagging at me until I stop and listen to what it needs.

What if I just don’t know what it needs? Yes, sometimes I have no idea why I maybe experiencing something….and that’s when I go within and ask my body why it’s doing what it’s doing, and what it needs. Usually I get an answer of some sort!

So, I encourage you today, to just take some time to stop and listen and see what your body is telling you…..sit and ask your body what it needs, is there anything you’ve been ignoring that you need to pay attention to? If there is, ask that bit of your body what it needs to say to you.



Some techniques I have found extremely useful in supporting holistic wellness-

Self care – pamper yourself with a spa day, long bath, a massage

TRE Trauma Release exercises– sometimes out body needs to let go of something very old thats stored away- TRE is fab for this and it can be learned in a day!

Tapping/EFT – this is so quick and simple to learn and it really works! I like Nicks videos and his books are fab too.

Acupuncture– if you’re out of balance acupuncture can really help to quickly bring you back into balance.

Homeopathy– I really like to work with practitioners who understand the cycle and the womans life cycle- Claire is fab!

of course, cycle charting– if it’s new to you try my book or download a free chart here


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