Who are Your Allies?

Rachael CrowMenarche, Menopause, Menstrual Health, Moon Lodge/Red Tent

For those of us who have been pioneers in the menstrual health field its been a lonely journey for the last 20 years, and it’s been vital for my sanity to have friends who ‘get it’ and support my work, but even with friends who are cycle literate, not many really dive deep and live by their cycle.

So then who do we turn to for support?

And for those of us now venturing into the unknown territory of peri menopause those allies are even more important. It’s harder and harder to connect with women who are choosing a different way to the ‘normal’ path and support from women who are a little bit ahead in this transition is much needed for encouragement and sanity!

Both of these journeys of walking with cycle awareness and conscious peri menopause are choosing a different way, and while there’s a deep, deep knowing inside me (and most of us choosing this) that this is they way I just have to live, there are times of deep loneliness and feeling so separate from what is normal in our culture.

So how can we support ourselves sisters, while walking a different path to everyone else? Allies!

Creating a womens circle– whether a real life regular gathering/red tent/moon group type of thing or a facebook group of likeminded women where you feel safe to share. (I have my Ask Aunt Flo group where we have regular cycle check in’s and women are welcomed to share their stories and journeys here)

Having a 1-1 listening partner, meet up for a cuppa and a chat or skype with another woman on a similar journey to you, either delving deep into your cycles or your peri menopause transition, having someone listen and affirm where you are at is so nourishing and supportive.

Drop into your womb, your womb and your body are your best ally! Listening to your body wisdom is the best medicine you can do for yourself.

Walk with the moon. I love to walk and connect to the moon energy, I imagine all the women over the years who have connected and talked to our Grandmother Moon! I talk to her, give her my worries and just bathe in her light.

Meditation/visualisation/journeying. For me, connecting with my guides, spirit animals and inner wise woman helps be get back on track and feel supported from the unseen worlds.

Oracle cards are another way to tap into divine wisdom and receive guidance, my favourites at the moment are Womanrunes and The Medicine Woman cards.

In times of need, a practitioner who can support you- whether its a herbalist, acupuncturist, nutritionist, homeopath, masseuse…whatever your needs might be, have a practitioner who understands the journey of womanhood and can support you on your personal journey.

I am holding a vision of a world when more and more woman and girls are living by the sacredness of their cycles and their transitions, but we can only do this if we encourage and acknowledge one another, we need to create changes in our cultures to support this becoming the norm! Lets do this…together!

(C) Rachael Crow 2018