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Hello my dearests!

Well I’m writing this on day 1 of my cycle…I’ve pottered and done as little as possible, and at one point I even did a live facebook video “what do you do in your moon lodge”? (I’ve never done one too these…I’m not sure what possessed me!!)…see image…this is a real woman in her ‘moon lodge’…notice the lack of kick boxing or roller blading as some ads show women doing while they are bleeding! Nope, just me on the sofa with a cuppa!

Last week I discovered a big box of pads that have been waiting to go on my website for quite some time…they are gradually being added to the sale page…so keep an eye on that!

And lastly….eeek…I shall be launching an on line course …hopefully at the end of the month…so keep an eye on here and facebook for info on that!! *exciting*


In The Shop

January SALE!! check out these beauties being added to the sale page!

On The Blog

Here’s a couple of archive blogs featuring questions I get about pads and do they work? (yes of course!)

But what about stains? Another blog topic!!


Drum Making, Feb 17th is a Red Moon Drum workshop– making a red drum while looking at how the menstrual cycle is reflected in the wheel of the drum. Held in my home, on the Pembs/ Carmarthenshire border.

Deepening Woman will run again this year, 5th May, 9th June , 7th and 28th July, book early to avoid disappointment. Last years journey was very popular and we’ve had amazing feedback from it.

Deepening Woman, Recovering ourselves – holding our future generations in strength.

A  journey of healing, prayer, journeying, drumming and deep truth ……helping us to connect with our authentic selves.

 A circle for women held by Rachael and  Angharad Varda

To book any workshops email info@rachaelcrow.co.uk

Warm wishes, Rachael xxx


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