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Red Girl (Mid Girl & Menarche Passages) 

How many girls are taught that their menstruation is her power? How would your relationship to your cycle have been different if you had been celebrated at menarche? What if society was set up to support women living by their cycle instead of encouraging us to ignore it, medicate it and carry on as normal? What if girls that were celebrated at menarche grew up to be women who loved their wombs, who celebrated each bleed and honoured their cycle, who birthed naturally, who walked into their menopause journey with power?

It is my belief that together we can create a new culture that sees womens rites of passage as our birthright, that honours our cycle, supports womens choices when they come to birth and offers alternatives to medicating our hormones!

How can we create this new pattern? By starting with ourselves, going back, healing our inner girl, celebrating her menarche, giving her the ceremony she needed/wished for, listening to our body wisdom and our cycles and supporting one another! By recovering and initiating ourselves we can hold our daughters and sons in wisdom and strength.

I will lead you through these two thresholds, tenderly holding and guiding your mid girl and menarche girl, as we create space for healing.

Re-write your “her story” through self enquiry work, so you can connect to and access your inner girl, what her needs might have been had she been invited to be held and witnessed by her loved ones, through journalling, cycle charting, moon connection, meditation and craft work.

A Facebook group will be created for support.

I will guide you though creating a ceremony/ritual to honour your first menstruation in the way you may have liked it to have been honoured as a young woman. This rite of passage is often not celebrated and the majority of us were not welcomed as women. Why do this work you may wonder…well perhaps the reasons listed on my blog post may answer that?

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What’s included:

Foundation videos

Sacred space

Earth Connection


PDFs and videos of self enquiry work and craft activities

Meditations & Journeys

Making a medicine bag

Cycle charting information

Menstrual Recapitulation

Creating your ceremony


Suggested further reading

I advise taking at least 2 months working through this package.

There will be daily journalling questions (just a few minutes each day), meditations and visualisations to connect to your inner girl, healing practices and beautiful crafts to be made!

“How a girl crosses the menarche can cast a long shadow over her menstruating years. It can affect her experience of menstruation each month and how her life journey might play out. Approaching it as a truly special, even sacred moment can ensure that this ‘long shadow’ is beneficent and empowering.” – Alexandra Pope, The Women’s Quest.

At menarche a woman enters her power
Through menstruation she practices her power
At menopause she becomes her power
~ Native American proverb ~

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