2017 Top Ten Moon Time Products!

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Moon Times top ten products of 2017

  1. Jam Sponges at the no. 1 spot for the 3rd year running!!!
  2. Cloth Pads! Cloth pads are becoming more and more popular- interesting that they are way higher than cups.
  3. Moon Sponges… Moon Sponges are catching up…last year they were no.5…they nudged up to no.3 🙂 watch out Jam Sponge!
  4. Panty Liners are catching on for those lighter days and for women who need a bit of ‘extra’ protection when coughing and sneezing!!
  5. Earth Pathways Diaries – surprising these come in the top 5 considering they are such a seasonal product- our highest sales of them is August….and we always run out before Xmas!
  6. Our Starter Set comes in next…lots of first time buyers like to try the starter set first, with a panty liner and 2 pads plus a selection of inserts it’s a perfect first step to testing out cloth!
  7. Womanrunes….all of our Red Tent women have a set…do you?
  8. Pad sets– whether its our patterned sets or fully organic ones, women seem to love the matching colours and patterns of our full sets- a bag, 5 pads and a panty liner are the favoured choice in sets!
  9. Diva Cup comes just inside the top 10 at number 9.
  10. Menarche Book…yipppeee, sales have been so good that my Menarche book made in into the top 10 products 🙂

What was your favourite Moon Times product this year?