Heartfelt Thanks….. have an attitude of gratitude!

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Reflecting on 2017 hasn’t been easy for many of us….it has brought challenges, disruptions, loss of loved ones, separations and more. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the difficulties, I choose to focus on the positives and a daily practice of gratitude helps me really notice the amazing things that happen on a daily basis. So I invite you to make a list of all the things you are grateful for this year, and perhaps have a daily practice of finding at least 3 things every day to give thanks for.

I just LOVE this gratitude Mandala I found on Pinterest…

So here are my gratitudes for 2017:

Heartfelt thanks, love and soooo much gratitude….

To my Red Tent sisters for all their love and support (Sally, Lara, Vicky, Eartha, Do, Jenny, Holly, Jaci, Amber, Salena…..and others, you all know who you are and how much I love you xxx)

For the ongoing support from my friends

To my husband, for his quiet actions of support and for just being there

For my daughters amazing ceremony, witnessing both of my daughters being held by my community

To Mother Earth and the Land for its initiations

For the Moon Lodge at Dance Camp Wales and all the women who sat every evening and shared with us

To myself for my ever deepening understanding of my cycle and my on going healing work, for having the courage to get out of a situation that was causing stress and illness and for my new home, my sanctuary

To the amazing women  I have had the privilege to work with this year- Melanie Swan, Amber Bates, Stephanie Green, Suzi Edwards, Eartha Varda, Jenny Carr, Do Wilde, Kate Codrington….and i’m sure there are more!

To all the mothers and daughters who came to our camp– that was amazing!

To the women of my workshops; Drum Birthing days, The Thirteen Moons and the Deepening Woman Journeys- its a privilege to hold you all in circle and witness you

For the Plant Based Alchemy nutrition course– food is a huge part of my healing and wellbeing

For my work that brings me joy, touches so many women and supports me and my family financially

To all my Moon Times customers, my seamstresses, web techies and everyone who makes my work possible

For my “Wild Power” road trip….a weekend away really feeds the soul!

Having a new home for my yurt

Amazing responses from women to my blog posts, thank you for your identification

For collaborations on 2 new books…hopefully out next year…!

To Juno Magazine and She Who Knows who published my articles and for their work in spreading womens wisdom into the world

To littlest my children for accepting the ups and downs this year and lots of gratitude to their school where they are settled and happy

To my biggest children for following their bliss!

(C) Rachael Crow 2017