Books I read in 2017

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I love having books recommended to me, so I thought you might like to have a peek into some of the books I read in 2017…

In no particular order!

I just LOVE that this book exists! Its a great one to share in your red tent, mum and daughter group and womens circles, the old fashioned ads will have you in stitches…or horrified! Flow The Cultural Story of Menstruation

My Mamas Waltz….this was a tough one to read but I highly recommend it if you’re the daughter of an alcoholic or addict. its the only book I’ve come across that tackles the relationship between the daughter and the addicted mother…it really is eye opening.

If Women Rose Rooted–  I just couldn’t put this down, I was completely transfixed, its beautifully written, like a poem to soothe your soul!

Of course, this is definitely one of my top books of the year…Wild Power, the womens bible of menstraulality!

Another HUGE favourite- Red Moon Passage...a beautiful book about menopause, with chapters from many of my favourite authors including Jamie Sams and Clarissa Pinkoles Estes

Another menopause themed book…Crossing to Avalon is a true account of the authors pilgrimage across sacred sites in France and the UK whilst looking at the changes women face during menopause.

I love these Medicine Woman cards and book…they are hard to find but worth searching if you like playing with oracle cards!

One I’m still reading…..a must for women who work with wombs in whatever capacity! Wild Feminine

This I dip in and out of regularly, I would say its the womens bible of menopause! The Wisdom of Menopause

Braiding Sweetgrass was gifted to me by one of the mums at our mum and daughter camp…and Oh I LOVE this book…its written so beautifully and is so easy to read, I just sailed through it but didnt want it to end!

and just to prove I don’t just read womens health books!!

Bring more magic into your life with The Magic…daily exercises of gratitude to help you appreciate EVRYTHING in your life!

The Hidden Life of Trees had me riveted…as a tree hugger and tree lover this book completely fascinated me, how they communicate, survive, thrive…fascinating!

Shantaram…this had me hooked for weeks! whats not to love- India, drugs, crime…all based on a true story


and then the sequel…The Mountain Shadow! More crime, drugs, war and love…

Always an interesting part of our lives to look into- the shadow, Owning Your Own Shadow is easy to read and helps us see the power of the shadow side.

Well I want to understand men more, so this book plopped into my hands… King, Warrior, Magician Lover, I’m still reading this one!!

Last but not least..the Medical Mediums new book (His books blow my mind!) Thyroid Healing…and no I don’t have thyroid issues, but it addresses lots of health issues that are often misdiagnosed as thyroid problems.

Wow…I’ve read quite a lot this year…and I haven’t even included any of the trashy novels I read too! whats been on your reading list this year?