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Blessings Dear Sistars,

As I write this, it’s Samhian eve, a time to hold our ancestors dear, to take stock of the year past and consider the year coming, in whatever way feels right for you. Today its my moon time so I have created a small altar outside to connect to nature, offer my sacred blood, light a candle to remind me to hold the light within as I enter the winter time. I spend time thinking about my relatives who are no longer with me, my ancestors and give thanks for their blessings and gifts they have handed down to me.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, we have raised the yurt and begun to decorate and create a beautiful Red Tent space once more. Huge thanks to those that helped and those that fed the workers…Lara who runs the “next village” Red Tent sent us some lovely soup to keep us going…check out the recipe here!

Did anyone else forget the hour change? Or  was that just me? Well I decided to hoover the garden with my spare hour!! Prior to decorating the yurt the coir matting for the floor needed a good cleaning…so out I went armed with trusty Henry Hoover! I wouldn’t mind hoovering so much if I got to do it in the sunshine and fresh air each time!

Have you seen my campaign for Colette? Well our first Red Tent gathering at its new home will be an evening of Cunting/Fanny Flags/ Luscious Vagina Bunting…whatever you want to call them…!! In support of Colettes cancer fundraising…in one evening we will be breaking taboos around 2 “C” words…cancer and cunt…and raising money…what a night it will be! So do see my fundraiser page and download your free guide to a fun evening of cunt craft with your womens circle!

In The Shop

I thought perhaps Jam Sponges were a good item to promote for Halloween…all that splattered fake blood everywhere! And of course cups are great if you want to collect your moon blood for ritual purposes….


On The Blog

I’ve had mixed responses to my “Invitation to the Men” blog post, some women saying they don’t want to be ‘held’ by men, and they don’t think the men want to be ‘told what to do’ by a woman… well I hear both those points of view…but as someone who holds disappointment that my 25 yr old son hasn’t been held by men who were good role models and he is turning to the internet for his answers (not a good place to seek) and that my soon to be 5 year old boy is asking when will a boys groups start…I feel an urgency that the men begin to gather. And yes, I do have a vision of the men holding the women and the children and us all holding the earth and eachother…I also hold a vision of us all sitting together in circles and holding community ceremonies, rites of passage and feasts…but it takes time, so its just planting seeds right now. And If one man takes up that seed and waters it and feeds it, who knows what may happen? I also want to take this opportunity to give gratitude to the men who are at home with the children while the women are in the Red Tent, or at mother daughter days, or holding rites of passage for their girls…for without the men we couldn’t do what we are doing… it’s time for the women to take that role for a while and let the men step up….


The Bristol Goddess Temple have requested I hold a mid girl and menarche day for women– so if you’re Bristol way and want to experience a catch up ceremony of these thresholds, email me! February 4th 2018, 10-5 pm, Cost £65

There’s spaces on my Dec Drum Making workshop, Sunday 17th Dec here in West Wales. Learn how to make your own drum from natural materials. Prices starting from £150.

There’s only a couple of places on the Scar Sister Day, Carmarthenshire, 28th Jan 201.  Sacred Tattoo, Drum, Ritual and Ceremony, with tattooist Suzi Edwards (Earth Pathways Diary artist and sacred tattooist) and myself, Rachael Crow. A day of ritual tattooing. £100 per woman.

To book any of these workshops email

Warm wishes, Rachael xxx

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