Red Tent Cunt Craft Fundraiser for Colette <3

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Colette popped up on Facebook a few years ago known as “Lady Cunt Love”, and I followed her immediately…”Here’s a woman I know I’m gonna like” I thought!

I followed her story– reclaiming the word Cunt…all over social media, her menstrual poems videos on YouTube, fundraising to raise awareness of sexual health, running Cunt Loving Quests, her heart breaking journey with miscarriage, and then the joyous pregnancy and birth …..and then her journey with cancer. (see her vlogs and her website…and donate here)

Now I want to help Colette because she’s been an inspiration to me by speaking out about womens health, menstruation, birth- particularly reclaiming Cunt! And she’s inspired and given hope to loads of people with cancer- and I think we could all help Colette by having LOADS of FUN hosting a Cunt Craft, Cunting, Fanny Flag, Vagina Bunting making evening!

So here’s the idea… lets get women’s circles, red tents, moon lodges, million circle groups, people sitting in their offices, in their kitchens, living rooms, goddess spaces, yurts, tipis and tents…MAKING CUNTING!

Now here’s a FREE PDF of how to host an evening… includes photos of cunting, a game for you all to play, the origins of the word cunt written by Colette and most importantly, info on collecting donations for Colette’s medical support.

Click to download….

Cunt Craft Fundraiser

See Colette in action making cunting!

What do you do with the cunting once its made?? Well everyone could take home their individual flags…but we have found that cunts like to hang out together! So string ’em up…hang them in your home, your gathering venue, use them as an altar decoration….give them away as gifts! (Send me your pics and we can create a gallery!)

What if people are offended by the WORD?…well you can change the name…call them fanny flags, “inappropriate bunting”, Yoni Banners, Vulva Streamers……whatever you like really…as long as you raise some dosh for Colette!

I’ll be hosting an evening and asking for donations of £10 ahead, you could ask less…or more…but just imagine how much we could raise if EVERY women’s group (and mens groups, mixed groups) across the WORLD held a cunty crafty evening!! So please, share this post, spread the word…and get cunting!