An Invitation To The Men

Rachael CrowMusings

Dear husbands, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, neighbours, friends,

The women of the Red Tent have been gathering over the years; we sit in council, share sacred rites, drum with the heartbeat of the earth, stand in our truth and authenticity.

We have circled around our daughters and our young women and together we have held them in our lodge, sharing womens wisdom, moon time stories, rites of passage, nature connection, laughter, fun, play and food.

As we look to our sons we ask for your help.

We are calling to you, to rise up, sit in council together, share your sacred rites, drum with the heartbeat of the earth, and when you have found your inner rhythms, gather around our boys, hold the next generation in your circle.

Hold the women in your circle, with the boys and girls in the centre and the Earth in the middle.

Our young boys and men need you, the women need you, we need you to hold us and them.

First you must hold yourselves.

And so we ask you to gather……..

In sisterhood, the women of the Red Tent.