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Hello sistars,

Well Autumn has crept in here in West Wales; morning mists, blackberries almost gone, rosehips and hawthorn berries are picked and bottled. I’m settling into my new home and new routine…here’s my bedroom morning view… I love seeing the moon and the stars from my bed too!

I’ve been sitting closely with my “Inner Spring/Maiden” this month and recognising her vulnerability, and staying with it. For many of us – definitely me, I want to push my vulnerability down and “get on with it, push through it, sometimes crash through it like a bull in a china shop!” But this month, as it has risen, I have sat with it, allowed tears to flow, allowed fears to rise and allowed myself to be vulnerable and you know what…I feel so much more connected to my authentic self and ironically, stronger for it! So I urge you, whilst in your inner maiden time (pre ovulation) allow that vulnerability to rise and sit with it…see what comes.

Last weekend we held a beautiful camp with a night time challenge with our girls lodge and then closed our connection to the land and took down our Red Tent yurt to prepare it to move to its new place at my friends, close to where I have moved. It was a bigger job that anticipated and quite an emotional one!


In The Shop
We’ve got some beautiful wall charts designed and created by artist Gwen Davies- personally I use her large A2 size as a wall planner to make sure I don’t over programme myself over the dark moons and equinoxes when i know my energy is low, and i can see easily over the year how my work load is flowing.

Moon Dreams 2018 diaries are being shipped to Moon Times HQ as we speak…keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook to find out when they are in stock!

On The Blog
Deepening into Autumn Woman– I write some more about my journey into menopause and particularly about the importance of listening to your inner voice.


Deepening Woman– This is a 4 month, one day a month, journey starting on Oct 21st 10-5pm at the Red Tent Yurt, Pembs. A circle for women held by Rachael and Angharad Varda. A journey of healing, prayer, drumming and deep truth helping us to connect with our authentic selves. The perfect journey for women heading into menopause, women wanting to know themselves deeper, women wanting to hold circles for women and or women and girls.

Scar Sister Day, Pembs, 28th Jan 2018 (book by Dec 1st 2017), Sacred Tattoo, Drum, Ritual and Ceremony, with tattooist Suzi Edwards (Earth Pathways Diary artist and sacred tattooist) and myself, Rachael Crow. A day of ritual tattooing. £100 per woman. (£90 early bird)

To book email info@rachaelcrow.co.uk

Warm wishes, Rachael xxx


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