It Takes a Village…..

Rachael CrowMoon Lodge/Red Tent, Musings

Moon Lodge, Dance Camp Wales 2017

It’s been incredibly powerful sitting in circle each evening with the women, and sharing with the men was an amazing opportunity. I’ve felt truly honoured to connect and hear so many stories…..but it’s also been sad, sad to hear so many of the wounds we all carry- the men and the women. In all the years I’ve spent sitting in circles of women (and sometimes men) these wounds and stories haven’t changed, for some reason we aren’t healing. Perhaps because we live in a broken society instead of in tribes/community? I think somewhere deep inside all of us is a memory and a longing for our ancient tribal lives.

Here at camp, on this field, we become a tribe for 2 weeks…and I feel so blessed to have the input of all the amazing people here into my family- from those who made crafts with my children and cooked with them, or played and talked to them around our circle fire. Because it takes a village to raise a child…it also takes a village to honour our elders, to celebrate our young people, to bless the babies who come to join our earth family- and we do all of that so beautifully here at camp…but what about when we leave and go back to our boxes and our busy lives?

How can we heal? How can we help others to heal out there- can we take a moment out of our busy lives to reach out?

In my community we are lucky to have a monthly men and boys walk, 3 mother and daughter groups, numerous women’s circles and ceremonies…….perhaps these are things that could happen in your town/village/community?

Another idea might be to “adopt” an elder, a student, auntie or an uncle? Or for an elder, a student, auntie or an uncle to adopt a family? Is there an elder in your village who might enjoy spending an afternoon and sharing a meal with your family? And in return maybe they will rock your baby so you can have a bath in peace, or read stories to your children? Is there a student or young person who may be in need of a home cooked meal and some time with an adult who could listen to what’s going on for them- our young people today have so many choices in life- far more than we ever had, and that’s great- but its also very confusing for them. A listening ear maybe all they need…and then perhaps they might be able to baby sit for you? Is there a single person- maybe someone who for whatever reason doesn’t have any children in their lives- and longs to…they might really appreciate being asked to become an aunty or uncle to your children and who knows what amazing skills they may have to offer your kids! Or from the other prospective- is there a single mum/family who might appreciate some help in some way- could you offer to cook them a meal, baby sit, take their kids off to the park, cinema, local pool to give their parents a break?

The problem is- we are all fiercely independent- we don’t like to ask for help, we live in a society that breeds competitiveness and independence- but it’s time for change, it’s time for connection.

So let’s all take the love and the connection we have in our hearts and ripple it out into the world so we create some healing in our community. Thank you.

Rachael Crow, Aug 2017