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Hello Dearhearts,

I am just landing back from 2 weeks at Dance Camp Wales were my team and I held the Moon Lodge. We had an amazing routine of holding a womens circle every evening and the power of the connection and deep sense of community that arose out of these circles was incredible. There was a Sun Lodge this year where the men gathered and part way through the camp some of the men and women gathered together for a sharing. You can read some of the process that came up in my blog post here. But everything must come to an end and as much as I wanted to stay on the field it was time to come home and start preparations for our Mother and Daughter camp this month…so exciting!

Just before I set off to camp, Melanie Swan and I had a good old natter about cloth pads…you can watch us here and maybe try our challenge…to touch your blood this month!

In The Shop

Whilst at camp I had a very busy market stall and have totally run out of 2018 Earth Pathways Diaries and Womanrunes….but they will be back in stock very soon…plus the 2018 Earth Pathways Calendars! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for promotions.

After watching my Vlog with Melanie you might be inspired to test out a pad set! 

On The Blog

This month I share a vulnerable post about my journey being a peri menopausal mother…so far lots of women have identified with me! Read more here…



Deepening Woman–  Oct 21st 10-5pm at the Red Tent Yurt, Pembs. A circle for women held by Rachael and Angharad Varda. A journey of healing, prayer, drumming and deep truth helping us to connect with our authentic selves and recover our maiden and teenager.

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Have a great summer!

Warm wishes, Rachael xxx

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