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Hello from the Wilds of Wales!

I can often feel I’m in a bubble out here…away from the fast pace of life- although being a sensitive woman who is affected by the seasons, the planets and the moons (and the mass consciousness!), I often wonder how I survived so long in the city! I do love my bubble! I saw a post on Facebook last week asking how many women “consulted their wombs before voting” and it got me thinking, how many of us consult our wombs about anything? Those of you who chart your cycle and deeply live from that place I am sure will get womb messages…but are they about the ‘world out there’? Did you womb nudge how to vote? Something to ponder!

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I was reminded this week how little info there is out there for cycling women who are still breastfeeding- here’s a post I wrote a few years back that may have some helpful tips! Blood and Milk  Self-Care for Breastfeeding Mamas who are Menstruating.

Here’s another archive post about using your menstrual blood for ritual and magic…take a peek! Blood Magic...have you ever used your menstrual blood in ritual and magic?


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