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Hello my dears,

Last Sunday I was privileged to sit in circle with our Mothers and Daughters Lodge where we explored the cycles of life, the seasons, our Moon Time cycles, Thresholds of Womanhood….all taught through the process of making a beautiful earth altar mandala, creating soft clay figures to gift to the earth and willow spirals to hang in trees to remind us of the spirals of life! Mentoring girls and young women is vital in todays society and I’m excited that from our group, 4 more groups are being birthed!

If you would like a taste of the mentoring work we offer, come along to our Mother Daughter Camp this Summer…places are limited so do book soon! (more info below)

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Have you tried a Sponge yet?! We received this wonderful review …

“I finally tried a sponge during my last period and am amazed at how effective, comfortable and easy to use they are. I tried one on my heaviest day, there were no leaks at all and I couldn’t feel it. Since having children, I have struggled with menstrual cups and cramping, so I am delighted to have found something internal that works so well. The fact that it’s come straight from nature and can be can be composted after a year or so is a big plus for me too.” 

See our selection of Sponges and Sponge sets on our website.

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We’ve got loads of advice posts about cramping, flooding, menstrual migraines….check out our Ask Aunt Flo section and have a browse!



Journey Into Womanhood Camp– Mother and Daughter Camp 25th – 28th August 2017

For Mothers and daughters (age 8 to 14 ) to spend a magical weekend in Pembrokeshire, sitting in circle, sharing stories and cooking around the fire, being together on sacred land, spending time in the Red Tent Yurt, the roundhouse, Stone Circle…touching the earth, watching the stars, sharing women’s mysteries and ceremony….4 days of female bliss! Book early to avoid disappointment! Limited numbers!

email Rachael : and Emma :

Some feedback from 2016 camp: “What peacefulness, gentleness, acceptance and love from beautiful women and beautiful land. Having my daughter held, seen and initiated by other women was so special. The blend of ceremony, space, fire, song, nourishing food, crafts, circle and rest was so cleverly woven and sensitively birthed. The girls ceremonies and activities were prefect and beautiful”


Rachael xxx

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