Advice I wish I’d had….

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Advice I wish I’d had….

I often ask women, what advice would you give your younger self?

(it helps us to remember to go easy on our daughters!)

I’ve been pondering this again recently …as I head towards menopause I’m craving the wisdom of elder women to support and gently guide me through this journey.

It’s easy in hindsight to look back and think “oh, I wish i’d known that sooner….or why didn’t I realise that…I should have seen that coming!”

And although I can ALWAYS say that my life has unfolded perfectly…everything is just as it should be…heres a few nuggets of wisdom I wish I’d heard a bit earlier….

Keep a daily journal…you’ll learn so much about yourself

Along side your daily journal, practice cycle awareness, notice the inner seasons you body takes you through each month- through these you will access a deep knowing of yourself.

Practice extreme self care around your ‘tender’ times in your cycle- be your own mother, wrap yourself up in a soft bubble, stay away from people who don’t ‘get you’.

Self care is not selfish. Think of yourself like a battery- if you get run down you’re no good to anyone. Rest often, eat well, drink water, take time alone as often as you need to, spend time in nature. Drop the guilt!

Celebrate all the Rites of Passage. (create ‘catch up’ ceremonies for the ones you’ve missed)…first moon time, leaving home, pregnancy and birth, deepening woman, elder and crone…and celebrate your children, the seasonal changes, moon cycles, equinoxes and solstices! Make life one long celebration!

Join a womens group- the support of women and sharing our stories nurtures us in ways we can’t imagine (and takes the pressure off our relationships!).

Keep an eye on those ‘hormone surges/body clock ticking feelings’ as you go in to your late 30’s…..having children is every womans birthright… but not many of us consider how parenting through menopause might be!

Chart your cycle carefully in your late 30’s and into your 40’s, your pattern may change making pregnancy possible at times you thought were your ‘safe’ times!

Prepare for menopause- it’s the most amazing, challenging, life affirming rite of passage you may take- so take it as an Awakened Woman, plan and make space for it to happen with awareness, you will need long periods of time alone…schedule them in!

I’m sure we can all keep adding to this…I’d love to hear your additions, pop over to my Facebook group- Ask Aunt Flo and join the conversation!

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