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Hello Moon Sisters!

Wow, what a couple of weeks we have had with the full moon eclipse and the dark moon eclipse….it’s been quite a full on time for a lot of people…all the astrological advice is pointing at upping your self care, your energy work, yoga, meditation, wrap your self up in cotton wool for a while! Be choosy who you spend you time with and what you do with your time, self love, self care and self listening is what’s needed.

So this week I’m really excited to link you all up to the “Songs from the Red Tent”…..a beautiful collection of chants and songs created by a fabulous group of women…check it out and download the recording.  http://www.songsfromtheredtent.com 

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Have you taken a look at our Spring Sale lately? We’ve added a few pad sets…Dr Suess, Frozen, black pads … check it out…


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Dedicated to all the women of the Red Tent, the Story Keepers, the Celebrants and the Protectors of the Earth.


Journey In to Womanhood Camp
For Mothers and daughters (age 8 to 14 ) to spend a magical weekend in Pembrokeshire, sitting in circle, sharing stories and cooking around the fire, being together on sacred land, spending time in the Red Tent Yurt, the roundhouse, Stone Circle…touching the earth, watching the stars, sharing women’s mysteries and ceremony….4 days of female bliss! https://daughtersoftheearthlodge.com/journey-into-womanhood-camp-2/
Book early to avoid disappointment! Limited numbers! email Rachael : info@rachaelhertogs.co.uk
or Emma : becomingnative@gmail.com


Rachael xxx


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