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Dear Aunt Flo,

My daughter gets terrible cramps at her moon time, she wants to take paracetamol but I would prefer we find some naturopathic techniques. Do you have any advice?

Thanks Janice.

Hi Janice, I thought I would put your question to the women of our Red Tent group so you can have some different options to try πŸ™‚
good luck!

Love Aunt Flo

Menstrual Tips from the Women of the Red Tent

To avoid cramping and menstrual pain take care of your diet, try to avoid fatty foods and processed foods, sugar, salt, coffee, tea, fizzy drinks etc in the second half of your cycle, switch to warming drinks (warm water)and nourishing foods 5 days before your period.

Long, hot, perfumed soaks in the bath are great. Add Epsom Salts for relaxation and Clary Sage and Rose oils are lovely.

Spend time in nature and by the sea. Use the beauty and power of nature, especially water, to cleanse, clarify and wash away the old and no longer useful thoughts and feelings.Screaming in a secluded place- a beach or hill or forest
is highly recommended!

When cramps are bad, try taking arnica, give your womb a gentle massage and do some gentle yoga stretches. Remember your womb DOUBLES in size when you are bleeding, be gentle with yourself. (massaging with Magnesium oil can help)

Try switching from tampons to cloth pads. When I switched my cramps disappeared, even a menstrual cup makes me cramp- pads are much better.

Evening Primrose Oil and Vitex extract eased my heavy flow. Also, raspberry leaf tea is wonderful, there are plenty of women’s menstrual teas available

Zinc helps relieve cramps–eat dark green veggies like spinach!–and potassium relieves bloating, so eat those bananas too. Both need to be eaten in the second half of your cycle.

Have a day off. I’ve found this to be my best medicine. Meditate, dance wildly, be creative, watch the moon, sleep more, read, do nothing, do whatever you want to do.

Nothing beats my old hot-water bottle! Wrap a scarf/shawl around it and put over the cramp… Mmmmm….!

My cramps are much less now & I actually don’t mind them. They remind me to take time out to feel, breathe & connect with the wisdom of my body.

Compiled by Rachael Crow

Disclaimer: Any health advice that I give is my opinion based on my general professional experience but not your specific case. As such, you should always seek the advice of your own health professionals, I would recommend a naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist, auvedic practitioner or acupuncturist …but go with what resonates for you.
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